The Pears are being difficult!

20181104_010833 (3)I don’t know if you can really see it,  but see that second pear from the left up there on the bamboo stick? The color is bleeding through the gesso! The third one is doing it too but not as bad as the other one. Whoever made them didn’t seal them before they put them up for sale. So, I made two replacement pears from aluminum foil and wrapped them with floral tape to give them a smoother surface to work with. And Squirrel Boy isn’t into bondage, I just wrapped some of the floral tape around his arms and legs to help strengthen the joins. He might get some more tape on him cause it really does help to make the surface smooth. I’m thinking of trying the tape around the two color bleeding pears to sort of seal and resurface them to make them usable. So, this is what’s going on so far with the pear snowmen and Squirrel Boy is coming along. So, Happy Crafting!!! Have a GREAT DAY!!!!

Throw-back Thursday: There will be Snowmen!

20181101_182625 (2)Happy November!   A few years ago my mom saw some snowmen like these somewhere as she was out and about. She made a little sketch and described them to me and bought the materials and I assembled them. These guys are very easy to make! They are foam balls wrapped with cloth and glued together. Their hats are the ankle parts from crew socks cut off and twist-tied together with a white pom-pom glued on. Their eyes and mouth are done with a black felt pen. Their buttons are little rounds of felt glued on. Their noses are small pieces of orange chenille stems. And their scarves are just three strands of yarn braided together.

IMG_20171223_012459_875Last year I painted these guys and gave the ornaments as gifts and some of the rocks were given as gifts also.

20180213_122843 (2)Last February, I painted this guy. It’s a rock. The saying around the edge says, “A snowman’s heart never melts.” My husband kept this one. The idea for this rock came from an embroidery pattern I saw on Pinterest.  And the rock is tipped up on it’s edge for the picture, it is actually kind of flat like a melting snowman would end up as. So, I’m showing these projects that I have made in the past for a reason…

20181101_183104 (2)I’m gearing up to make snowmen using plastic pears as the body. I saw the directions for these in a magazine years ago. And I saved them, but can’t find them right now, (I expect you know how that goes), if I wasn’t looking for it I’d be able to find it. So, I’m working up the how-to’s from memory.  I have left over mixed Celluclay from doing the Zomkins that I will use to make the base part that will hold the snowman upright and sort of look like he/she is sitting in a small snowdrift. Various sizes of colorful pom-poms are used for the hat. A piece of chenille stem in orange is used for the nose. Tiny little black pom-poms are used for the coal buttons down his/her front or actual tiny black buttons can be used, I have both. The arms are left over stems from the silk leaves I used for my Halloween display. I was going to use stems from dried flowers but couldn’t find any I liked. And the scarf could be a piece of felt or some braided yarn or even a tiny little knit or crocheted scarf. The eyes and mouth will be drawn on with a Black Ultra-Fine tip Sharpie.  As I get further along with these I’ll post pictures of the progress and do a tutorial in case anyone would like to try making these guys.

So, there you go! A throw-back Thursday post leading into a coming soon project for this year’s snowmen. So, have a SUPER GREAT DAY!!! HAPPY CRAFTING!!!!