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Happy Easter to all who celebrate Easter and Happy Spring to all who don’t celebrate Easter! Either way, I hope you all have a BLESSED DAY!

If you’ll notice in the above picture, there is an egg on a stick…20190421_033119 (2)

Here, above, is a closer view. I decorated this paper-mache’ covered egg I’ve been working on, with the dot pattern inspired by my girly cat rock…20190421_032938 (2)

I’ve got several more in the works, but the white one, above, was the only one that was ready for varnish in time for Easter viewing. I’ll show the others when I get them to the ready for varnish stage and I’ll post a tutorial on how I made them. We’ve been having a patch of really extreme weather, tropical storm force winds, thunder storms, tornado warnings, extreme rains and just super high winds that won’t stop. So, for a good chunk of April, so far, I’ve been spending a lot of time chasing down our garbage after the wind caught it and strewed it all down the street and chasing down our next door neighbor’s stuff that has been blown all over. He’s been away on a TDA, so we’ve been keeping an eye on his car and his yard stuff while he’s gone. On the very few rare days when the weather hasn’t been going totally nuts, I’ve been getting my great big pots ready for seed planting and hanging out with the resident carpenter bees. The bees like to check out everything I’m doing with the pots, they are very curious critters. I’ve left violas in three of the pots for the bees to snack on until the various flowers I’m planting are up and blooming. I’ve also been reading several books and doing prep-work for another literary foods post. Plus, I’ve been working on a stealth craft project that I’ll post about, plus a tutorial for how I made it, after I give it to the person I’m making it for. They look at my blog, so I’m trying to keep the exact nature of what I’m making for them a surprise, but I think they’ll like it when they see it.

A big THANK YOU!!! to all of you who follow my blog, I can hardly believe there are a little over a hundred of you now, it’s mind boggling! I try to make my blog posts interesting and as nice looking as I can.

So, there you go! An Easter greeting, a Spring greeting and a dotted Easter egg! I hope you all have a SUPER GREAT DAY!!!!! HAPPY CRAFTING!!!!!

Happy Spring!!!!


Ladybug crawling

yellow flower petals

gentle Spring wind


A sort of not completely strict to the rules Spring haiku by me. Or, in other words, me torturing poetry!


Paraphrased from, “Seeds from a Birch Tree”, by Clark Strand: “A haiku is a seventeen-syllable poem about the season. Arranged in three lines of five, seven, and five syllables, and balanced on a pause, a haiku presents one event from life happening now. However much we may say about haiku, its history or its various schools, it is difficult to go beyond these three simple rules: form, season, and present mind.”

As you can see from my little poem  and my sort of spread out structure, I’m not super great at forming these up on a computer. But it works well enough, I wasn’t trying for perfection, just some space between the poem and my sentence about it. At least it was easier than hunting for the words I wanted to use in my various magnetic poetry kits. It always seems like the words I want to use are not among the words on the tiles included in the kits. So, writing on paper or printing on the computer is less aggravating, and more conducive to getting the thought down before it disappears from my brain. You know, a strike while the iron is hot kind of thing. So, every once in a while I’ll be torturing some more poetry. Creative exercise for the right and the left brain!

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“Seeds from a Birch Tree”, by Clark Strand, is available on amazon.com. It is a very nice little book about writing haiku poetry as a Zen meditative exercise, as in, writing these little poems is supposed to be relaxing and centering of the mind. There are lots of poems to peruse, to help you get a feel for the how-to’s of this poetry form. I enjoy this book very much and highly recommend it to anyone who likes haiku and maybe wants to try their hand at writing it.

So, according to my calendar, today is the Spring Equinox, so… Happy Spring!!!! I hope you all have a SUPER GREAT DAY!!!! Go outside and look at the Spring flowers! HAPPY CREATIVE PROBLEM SOLVING!!!! HAPPY LADYBUG CREATING!!!! HAPPY CRAFTING!!!!!