The Great Ladybug Challenge/Exhibition!

20190130_045104 (2)

I’m flying by the seat of my pants here! When I saw the cute ladybugs on Our Little Red House’s blog,   I thought they would be nice inspiration for a ladybug challenge/exhibition/creativity exercise. So I’m going to try to set this up sort of like the Sunshine Blogger Award nomination post. When I was nominated for that the first time, I had no idea what it was! So, I started following the links back through the various people’s nomination posts to get a feel for what was expected and along the way I saw some really nice blogs! So I’m going to make this challenge as wide open as I can to appeal to the most people. So, I’ll start with some rules…

  1. Thank the person/s who tagged you and create a link to their blog.
  2. Use “THE GREAT LADYBUG CHALLENGE!!!” logo banner on your post and copy and paste the rules on your post.
  3. Add a picture of your ladybug creation/s and maybe a how-to of how you did it and the supplies used.
  4. Create a link to Our Little Red House’s blog, so people can be inspired by her beautiful ladybugs! And check out her blog, she makes really neat projects!
  5. Tag 1 – 5 people that you think would be interested in making ladybugs and create links to their blogs.
  6. Notify your tagged people that you’ve tagged them through social media or in the comments on their blogs.
  7. This is a wide open ladybug making exercise! You can make them however way you want, it’s not limited to sewing them. Use whatever is your favorite crafting materials to make them. And you can even write poems or stories about ladybugs or paint pictures of them.  Or make cards featuring ladybugs. Or you could even make ladybug cupcakes or cookies! Use whatever creative medium you are comfortable with!
  8. There is no time limit! Ladybug making should be relaxing, not stressful!
  9. Even if you weren’t tagged, feel free to participate in making ladybugs! Tag others and create links to their blogs so people can follow the links to see the ladybugs!

So, I’ll show a few pictures of ladybug creations I have and have made and tell about ones I’m going to make, to help inspire you a little bit.20190130_045244 (2)That ladybug painted rock in the middle of the above picture is one I painted. I prime coated it with FolkArt 901E Wicker White. Then I base coated it with FolkArt 437E Lipstick Red. The head and dots and the pupils of the eyes were made with FolkArt 938E Licorice. The whites of the eyes and the antennas were made with the Wicker White. And the little smiley mouth color was done with a toothpick dipped in a mix of the white and the red.20190130_045333 (2)See the cute ladybug above, with the goggly eyes and chenille stem legs and wire antennas? That is a ladybug magnet that I bought from a little girl who was selling them at one of our local crafts show and sales. I’m showing it because, one it’s really cute and two, it shows you can get really nice results from simple crafting supplies. The body is just a teardrop shaped piece of wood that is probably available from Hobby Lobby or Michael’s or The legs are made from one short black chenille stem cut into four pieces and glued on. The antennas are two pieces of craft wire that have been shaped and glued on the bottom of the wood shape. She painted it to look like a ladybug and varnished it. Then she glued on the eyes. And lastly, she glued the magnet on the bottom so that it covered the ends of the legs and antennas to help keep them from falling off. I think she used some type of Super Glue to hold everything on cause the magnet is still in really good shape, even though it has been ten years since I bought it. And that round piece of wood with the squared off top, I’m going to use my carving knife to round that square bit off some and then paint the whole piece to look like a ladybug, that top bit will be it’s head. I might make it into a magnet. You can never have too many cute magnets!20190130_045913 (2)I’m also going to make a feltie version of a ladybug with some of that red felt. And last but not least. I’m going to undo that thread I have on my cross stitch cloth and use some 14 count graph paper and design a simple ladybug cross stitch picture. Maybe have the ladybug sitting on a leaf, or something like that.

So, there you go! For my tagged bloggers:

  1.    Sophie Marshall     
  2.    Starrcreative           



Remember to include the links! They are SUPER important, you can follow back through them and see what other people have created ladybug wise who might participate in this challenge. I set this challenge up this way so that no one person will end up with their media library crammed full of ladybug pictures and then they can’t post pictures anymore on their blogs cause they ran out of storage space. When I get my lady bug projects done, I’ll add them to this post.  So, thank you for reading my ladybug challenge blog post! If you want to participate, jump right in! I can’t wait to see your cute ladybug creations! So, HAPPY LADYBUG CREATING and HAPPY CRAFTING!!!!



More things are ready and almost ready to be embellished!

20190129_070854 (2)

Spider Girl has her eyes in place and they just need the color around the pupil. Then she is ready for her dot patterning. Spider Junior has his first coat of shiny black paint on. And the first paper-mache winter sweater is ready to be embellished, maybe with Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Or something like that. 20190129_071024 (2)The two green rocks are ready to be zombie-a-fied. The shark rock has his eyes in place, I just have to work out the placement of the nostrils and gills, then I’ll work on his mouth. The M&M rock has the first coat of the chocolate center color in place, I’m thinking I’ll make the blue outer shell a little darker blue in color. The hippo shaped rock has the first coat of the pinky-purpley skin color in place. The air dry clay Teddy Bear that was left from the first batch of ornaments, has his muzzle color now and I used that color also on his tummy area. I had set him aside till now because I wanted to make sure I had enough of the colors I had mixed for the pigs, Squirrel Boy and him. If I had to mix a fresh batch of paint, it might not match what was on there originally from the first batch I had mixed. And then, Squirrel Boy! I need to tidy him up around the eyes, real squirrels have a light colored ring of fur around their eyes, so I’m trying to do that on Squirrel Boy’s eye area. He needs just a little bit more touching up and I’m going to declare him done. His eyeballs need a lot of varnish to make them shine, real eyes are not dull or matte looking.  And he needs those little shiny light dots you see in living creature’s eyes where the light is hitting them. I set him across the room and look at him from a distance and I think he looks squirrel-like. Maybe not exactly like a real squirrel, but squirrel-like, which is what I was trying for with him. And the two light colored clay pigs and the spirit bear rock have the base coat on their back sides now.

So, things are coming along pretty well! When everybody is done, I’ll take them all outside on a nice day and use the spray-on varnish on them. Several coats on the rocks, top and bottom. And after the first coat of spray varnish on Squirrel Boy, I’ll probably use a couple of coats of the paint-on varnish on his eyes. Make them shiny! So, there you go! Things are starting to get back to what passes for normal after the award nominations! I hope you all have a very nice day! HAPPY CRAFTING!!!!!

Most of the Air-Dry Clay Pigs, Kickfighting Bears and the Spirit Bear Rock are ready to embellish!

20190126_075906 (2)

I wouldn’t be surprised if this has been the most wet winter so far that we’ve ever had! These guys took about a week and a half to finally be totally dry. So, in the picture, you are seeing the backs of the darker brown ones and the fronts of the light tan ones. One of the dark brown pig ones will be another Oxford Sandy & Black pig for me… pig#5Similar to this little guy who is ready to chow down on those tasty looking strawberries! pig#9One will look like this little guy who is snacking on some tasty blades of grass. This little guy or girl is a Tamworth, they are sort of a solid colored light-cinnamon brownish old spot piglets#1One of the light colored pig ones will look like one of these sleepy little guys. These are Gloucestershire Old Spot piglets. And those are the for sure ones so far. Somebody has pulled a lot of the really cute different breed piglet pictures off of images. So, some of the other pig pictures I’ll show when I get the other ones further along, will be of the adult versions of some other pig breeds I’m looking at for models for the rest of the pig ornaments.iu93dbt1o2iucgz0pbl6iuprke62d7iusb3xis85

These last four pictures are of Spirit Bears, which I’m using as inspiration for the spirit bear, which I’m painting for my dad. He, and through him, I,  have a little bit of Native American ancestry. We don’t know for sure what kind we are a little bit related to, my dad was adopted and Grandmother hid the adoption records, and then she died, so that is that. So, any way, my dad really likes Native American imagery, so when I saw the bearish shaped rock in my bag of rocks, the ideas started percolating big time. I’ve been saving spirit bear images to my pictures for ideas for how to decorate the rock. When I settle on a design and get it done I’ll post a picture of what I came up with.

And the Kick-Fighting Bear shapes are ready to embellish. The paint is still usable that I mixed up, so all systems are go for doing them!

So, that is what’s going on so far with all of these air-dry clay ornaments and the bearish shaped rock! I hope you all have a very nice day! HAPPY CRAFTING!!!!!

Works in Progress! Coming along nicely!

20190119_052046 (2)The last three pear snowmen have been gessoed and are ready to be base coated. Spider Junior has his first coat of gesso on and Spider Girl just needs one more coat of the shiny black paint and then she’ll be ready for her dots. One of the paper-mache winter sweaters has been primed and base coated and another one has just been gessoed.

20190119_052648 (2)Three of the air dry clay pigs have been sanded and prime coated. Spring is coming, with hopefully, dryer weather, so some painted rocks are in the works. The two green ones will be rock zombies. The flat pink ones will be girly bugs, similar to lady bugs but pink with black spots. The more up-right pink rock will be a small pig. The sort of standing up grey and white rock will be a shark. The blue roundish rock is going to be another attempt at an M & M. This time I’ll varnish it with the spray on varnish. When I tried doing this same rock before as a red M & M, the paint-on varnish pooled in all the crevasses of the broken edge that was supposed to look like the chocolate center and it ended up looking like the M had molded, bleak! So, I scraped all the paint and varnish off and started over again. And the two rocks in the front, the bigger one will probably be a hippo and the smaller one will be a spirit bear.

20190119_052203 (2)I have also started doing a feltie  version of the winter sweater ornaments. The camera didn’t pick up that that white felt has iridescent glitter all over it. I have the hoop down side up because it makes it easier for sewing on the snowflake sequins. All the stitching is on the back and having it pointed up higher just makes it easier for tacking down the rocaille bead centers and doing running stitches from sequin to sequin.

20190119_052600 (2)And last but not least, are these two pom pom ragamuffins. The larger one is not going to be a zombie, but will actually be an owl, the two different size round pieces of cardboard are for auditioning sizes of eye shapes. His beak is a piece of foam-core board and he will have foam-core board feet. He is sitting on a small wooden truck wheel and he has a dowel holding him together. I’m going to use a long yarn darning needle to thread some more yarn onto,  into, through, him to tighten his shape up some and add some more color to him to make him more mottled looking color wise like a real owl. The smaller guy, in need of a hair cut, is going to be a bunny and he has a bamboo skewer holding him together. I’m working out the proportions for his tail and feet and arms, which will all be made from smaller pom poms. He’ll have felt ears and I’m still deciding what to use for his eyes.

So, there you go! Progress is being made. The pear snowmen are closer to being finished. The spiders are coming along nicely.  The paper-mache winter sweater ornaments and one feltie version winter sweater ornament, so far, are in the works. The air dry pig ornaments are coming along nicely, finally. Rocks are being painted and prepared for hiding. And two pom pom critters are in the process of being made. I’m going to do a tutorial for the paper- mache winter sweater ornaments when I get the first one finished, so I can show the stages for doing them easier. And probably a tutorial for the feltie version of the winter sweaters too, they are a good small project to practice hand-sewing and beading skills. I’ll also tell how I did the pom pom critters, my version of them. And probably a refresher how-to for painting and varnishing the rocks and getting them ready for hiding. Projects in the works! I hope you all have a very nice day!  Be sure and try to see the Super Blood Wolf Moon Total Lunar eclipse. Starting Sunday the 20th…

  • Sunday night  The moon enters the lighter part of the Earth’s shadow, the penumbral, at 9:36 pm.
  • 10:33 pm Partial Eclipse begins
  • 11:41 pm Total Eclipse begins
  • 12:12 am Monday morning, the 21st, Maximum Eclipse is reached.
  • 12:43 am Total Eclipse ends
  • 1:50 am Partial Eclipse ends
  • 2:15 am The Moon moves clear of the Earth’s shadow.
  • Totality will last 63 minutes
  • This  Total Lunar Eclipse will be viewable in North & South America.
  • May 16, 2022 will be the next date this event will happen again.
  • This type of eclipse is safe to watch because you are seeing the Earth’s shadow moving across the surface of the Moon.

So, hopefully, the weather will cooperate and there will be good viewing conditions. I’m going to bundle up and go out and watch the Moon turn red! So, GOOD MOON WATCHING TO YOU!!!! And, HAPPY CRAFTING!!!!

A very nice rock I found

I found this very nice painted rock as I was out and about on Halloween. I don’t do Facebook and I recently killed my Twitter account, cause it was getting too mean on there. So, I can’t get up with my local kindness rock group anymore, (that’s why I say I’m a rogue rock painter now, I’m my own rock painting group of…well me). So, you never know, maybe one of the ‘Onslow Rocks’ people might see this and repost it to Facebook or Twitter so the person who did this rock will see that it was found. I’ll also post it on my Mastodon site, SWOnslowRocks. I will rehide it when I’m out and about again.  Happy Kindness Rock painting, hiding and hunting! Happy Crafting!

Throw-back Thursday: There will be Snowmen!

20181101_182625 (2)Happy November!   A few years ago my mom saw some snowmen like these somewhere as she was out and about. She made a little sketch and described them to me and bought the materials and I assembled them. These guys are very easy to make! They are foam balls wrapped with cloth and glued together. Their hats are the ankle parts from crew socks cut off and twist-tied together with a white pom-pom glued on. Their eyes and mouth are done with a black felt pen. Their buttons are little rounds of felt glued on. Their noses are small pieces of orange chenille stems. And their scarves are just three strands of yarn braided together.

IMG_20171223_012459_875Last year I painted these guys and gave the ornaments as gifts and some of the rocks were given as gifts also.

20180213_122843 (2)Last February, I painted this guy. It’s a rock. The saying around the edge says, “A snowman’s heart never melts.” My husband kept this one. The idea for this rock came from an embroidery pattern I saw on Pinterest.  And the rock is tipped up on it’s edge for the picture, it is actually kind of flat like a melting snowman would end up as. So, I’m showing these projects that I have made in the past for a reason…

20181101_183104 (2)I’m gearing up to make snowmen using plastic pears as the body. I saw the directions for these in a magazine years ago. And I saved them, but can’t find them right now, (I expect you know how that goes), if I wasn’t looking for it I’d be able to find it. So, I’m working up the how-to’s from memory.  I have left over mixed Celluclay from doing the Zomkins that I will use to make the base part that will hold the snowman upright and sort of look like he/she is sitting in a small snowdrift. Various sizes of colorful pom-poms are used for the hat. A piece of chenille stem in orange is used for the nose. Tiny little black pom-poms are used for the coal buttons down his/her front or actual tiny black buttons can be used, I have both. The arms are left over stems from the silk leaves I used for my Halloween display. I was going to use stems from dried flowers but couldn’t find any I liked. And the scarf could be a piece of felt or some braided yarn or even a tiny little knit or crocheted scarf. The eyes and mouth will be drawn on with a Black Ultra-Fine tip Sharpie.  As I get further along with these I’ll post pictures of the progress and do a tutorial in case anyone would like to try making these guys.

So, there you go! A throw-back Thursday post leading into a coming soon project for this year’s snowmen. So, have a SUPER GREAT DAY!!! HAPPY CRAFTING!!!!

A How-to For Painting Girly Cat Rocks

I saw these rocks originally on Pinterest and tried them out. These would make nice gifts.20180818_011005 (2)I used FolkArt Matte Acrylic paint in: 633E Baby Pink for the base-coat, which I applied with a sponge brush.  FolkArt COLOR SHIFT Acrylic paint Metallic Gloss Finish in: 5132E Purple Flash, was used for the flower centers.  Apple Barrel Matte Acrylic Paint in: 20741E Cloudless, was used for the blue petals. FolkArt Matte Finish Acrylic paint in: 901E Wicker White, was used for the white dots.

20180815_152230 (2)I used simple dotting tools that I made by sticking two different types of pins into pencil erasers, these were used for the bigger dots. I also used a toothpick and a straightened paperclip for the smaller dots. The paint brush in the above picture is a nail-art brush that I use for tiny details and for fixing paint smudges.

20180815_152247 (2)For drawing on the faces and tails, I used an Ultra-Fine Point Black, Sharpie Permanent Marker Pen. Try for nice graceful curves for the eyes, whiskers, mouth-cheeks and the tail. The nose is a tiny triangle. The ears are two upside-down capital letter V’s.

20180818_011121 (2)Use the larger pin dotting tool for the purple flower centers. Use the smaller pin dotting tool for the blue flower petals.

20180818_011005 (2)Use the toothpick or the paperclip to apply the small white dots to embellish the flowers.

20180818_010951 (2)And here is what the cats look like done with a light-blue base-coat. For these I used Apple Barrel Matte Acrylic Paint in: 21483E China Blue, for the base-coat. FolkArt COLOR SHIFT Acrylic Paint Metallic Gloss Finish in: 5131E Blue Flash, was used for the flower centers. Apple Barrel Matte Acrylic Paint in: 21473E Pale Daffodil, was used for the flower petals. And FolkArt Matte Acrylic Paint in: 633E Baby Pink, was used to embellish the flowers. The Black Ultra-Fine Point Sharpie pen was used for drawing on the face and tail on these. Be sure to wipe off the excess paint from the dotting tool-heads(the part that actually makes the dots) regularly with a water dampened paper towel so your dots will always be a consistent size.

So when these all have dried for several days I will varnish them with Delta Creative Ceramcoat Gloss Exterior/Interior Varnish. I use a soft camel hair watercolor mop-brush to apply the varnish, three coats top and bottom, which will protect the rocks from moisture and protect the paint and ink from chipping and scratches. On a hardness scale going from 0-1 for super easy to 10 for super hard, I’d rate these girly cats at a level 5. A steady hand is needed for drawing on the face and tail and for evenly applying the dots. Plus, when doing the dots, you don’t want the paint to be flat on the rock, you want a bit dimension to the dots so you kind of blob the paint on, just touching the point of your dotting tool to the rock. Practice doing the dots on a scrap piece of paper before you try them on the rock.

So, there you go! I hope if you have read this article that it was helpful for you! These girly cats make nice gifts for moms, grandmothers, aunts, teachers, etc. These cats would also look nice in a pastel green base-coat or a  pastel lavender base-coat. If you have read this far or even just some of this article thank you! I tried to make the pictures nice and clear to help illustrate what I was trying to explain. The simple dotting tools are also useful for making eyes on painted animals and putting dots on painted lady bugs. The dotting tools can also be used for dotting mandala stones. If you look on Pinterest or Google you can find lots of examples of dotted rock art and dotted mandala stones. And I got the idea for these girly cats from two pins on Pinterest from redeccascreations.3b0c5019c4fcb0247bdd60bdf4c4b357e1ff68a583ba6d66e55a9a652234ecba

These two, above are the two “pins” I was looking at for the pattern idea for my version of the girly cats. So, there you go, you can get very nice results with dot art and it’s not super hard to do. Happy dotting and happy crafting!


The Zombies are ready for varnish… and brains!!!

So here they are, all ready to varnish! If anyone was interested in making rock zombies, you don’t have to make them green. You could make them pale blue, or grayish, or tan or really any color that you think looks like a good zombie color to you. There are no hard rules on doing them.20180808_050901 (2) I make mine green because…well, I like green. That’s just me. These guys are about the size of a large chicken egg.

This guy, below, is about the size of or a little bit bigger than a baseball. He was a bit of a technical challenge. When I got him, his surface was all pitted and cracked and he had major indentations all over him. I worked him over with wood filler until he was level surface-wise all over and let that dry overnight. Then I sanded him down till  he was as smooth as an egg. Then I painted three coats of Gesso on him and when that was dry, I sanded him again to prepare him for paint. I prime-coated him and then base-coated him, and then turned him into a zombie! He’s going to be a bookend on my bookshelf, he’s heavy enough to hold the books up without sliding to the side and letting all the books fall over.20180808_051132 (2)

And remember, there are no written in stone rules about doing rock zombies. You can make them cute or gruesome or anywhere in between. They lend themselves well to creative expression. So, thank you for reading my little piece here about rock zombies! If you make some for yourself, have a good time, they are fun to make! On a level of difficulty chart, say with 1 being simple, to 10 being hard, I’d place them around like 3. They’re not hard to do! Happy rock painting!


A Rock Zombie & A How-to For Doing One

So, I’m working on this guy and thought I’d show a shortish process how-to for doing him, which would also work for painting and decorating any rocks that you might make for hiding for other people to find like the Kindness Rocks.

20180806_015952 (2)You start out with a rock that has been washed and left to dry for at least 24 hours, the rock at the far left in the picture below.  Then the rock next to it (moving to the right) has wood-filler on it to fill in major holes and cracks. You’re trying to make the surface of the rock as smooth as you can so it will hold the paint and varnish better. A smooth surface is also easier to write on if you want to use pens to embellish your rock. So I use “ELMER’S Carpenter’s Wood Filler Stainable Interior/Exterior”. It dries in 24 hours and is sandable and stainable(means you can stain or paint over it). The next rock to the right has been sanded and is ready for a prime coat.  I’ll probably make it a zombie because it sits nice.20180806_015339 (2)So, in the picture below, the rock to the far left has been primed with white acrylic paint. Priming seals the surface of the rock and makes like a canvas to embellish however you want. The next one to the right, has one coat of a base coat color, this one will eventually be a pig. The two rocks on the far right are fully base coated, usually at least three coats if this is to be your background color. Let the paint dry overnight between each coat you apply. The light blue one will eventually be a spotted girly cat and the dark blue one will be a starry sky rock. 20180806_015424 (2)Now we finally get to the zombies! I’ve been using various rocks that I had in various stages of doneness to show what I was trying to explain. In the picture below, the rock at the far left is at the very beginning stage of becoming a zombie. He has been base coated green and then dry brushed with a rusty tan(to look like he came up out of the ground, zombies aren’t clean and tidy creatures).  He has his teeth and eye-whites and patches painted on with white acrylic paint. The next one over, moving to the right, I used an ultra-fine point “Sharpie” pen to outline the eyes in black and do the pupils of his eyes and to do what there is of the mouth and for outlining the bottoms of the teeth and his nose opening. I also used the black pen for his stitches. On the next rock, moving to the right, the one I’m working on now, I used various colors of blue and yellow ultra-fine point pens, also “Sharpie”, to do his eye colors. Lastly, I used various colors of the pens to embellish his patches and the black pen again for the stitches that hold his patches on(I’m a nice zombie master, I patch them up after they’ve been hurt). The rock on the far right is one that is finished & varnished.20180806_015548 (2)And here is a close-up of him, below. He hangs out on my book shelf near my science fiction books. He was going to be a bookend but he’s not heavy enough to keep the books upright, so he sits in front of the books. He’s finished with five coats of varnish.20180806_015548 (3)

And here in the picture below is what can happen if you don’t varnish or seal your rocks. The paint can bubble and lift, causing it to start chipping and flaking off. This rock was done in watercolors and then not sealed, so the paint started washing off out in the rain. My husband found this one as he was out and about.

IMG_20180617_112136_973 (2) Be sure and put some kind of an identifier mark on the bottom of your rocks so if you want to track them, say if someone finds them and posts pictures of them on Twitter or Facebook or Instagram, you’ll see it. Put a short message like: If found Post pic on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, Keep or re-hide, #your-name-or-identifier-number. Something like that so the person finding it will know what to do with it.  I post pictures of the rocks I find, on the homepage of my local Kindness-rock group on Twitter and on Instagram.

You put some effort into painting your rock, so you want to give it some protection if you’re going to hide it, or give it as a gift or sell it. I use “Delta Ceramcoat Gloss Exterior/Interior Varnish”, or that in the satin finish. It is a brush-on varnish, it is water based and non-toxic and I use a soft camel-hair watercolor mop brush to apply it. Or you can use a spray on clear-coat varnish such as : “KRYLON Colormaster CLEAR SATIN CRYSTAL CLEAR”. It is an indoor/outdoor spray on varnish/sealer that dries in 10 minutes, apply it outside because it is very strong smelling while wet. It works on wood, metal, plastic, etc. If you’re going to put the rock outside use at least three coats of the brush-on varnish or the spray-on varnish.

So, there you go! A shortish how-to for painting rock zombies. The basic steps can also be used for painting any other theme of rock. And if you’re putting your rocks outside, don’t have any glued on embellishments on them, just stick with paint. Glued on things can come off and small animals might eat them and get sick and or die because of it.

If you’ve read all the way to here or even just parts of this post thank you and I hope you find this article a little helpful in your rock painting endeavors. Rock painting isn’t hard and is a very nice, relaxing hobby to get into. Plus, it is not very expensive to do. You just need paint, permanent marker pens, brushes, wood-filler, sand paper and a varnish. All the products I use for rock painting are water-based and non-toxic. But be aware, rock painting can become addictive, but at least it’s not a bad addiction to have! And I got the idea for these guys from two pins on Pinterest. 359c79de0b2dfb09a5f93defe5a7d19e

This guy, above, is from a “pin” posted by ChestFullOfMemories. This is where I got the idea for my zombie’s teeth.8a749ad6431deeb2bd919b375ec54693

And these guys, above, are from a “pin” posted by Cara.dura.designs. This is where I got the idea for the stitches and the nose openings on my zombies.