Happy Earth Day!


It’s not like we have some place else we can go if we screw up our planet, so let’s see about taking better care of the world we have!

earthrise_2013.jpg-Earthrise#2Not even a colony yet on the Moon, so we’re here for the time being…

proxy.duckduckgo.com.jpg-Bumblebee#4So at the very least, maybe go out and plant some flowers, you’ll make some bees very happy!

So make the most of today and have a nice one!     HAPPY GARDENING!!!!! HAPPY CRAFTING!!!!!! HAPPY CREATIVE PROBLEM SOLVING!!!!!!


20190421_033243 (2)

Happy Easter to all who celebrate Easter and Happy Spring to all who don’t celebrate Easter! Either way, I hope you all have a BLESSED DAY!

If you’ll notice in the above picture, there is an egg on a stick…20190421_033119 (2)

Here, above, is a closer view. I decorated this paper-mache’ covered egg I’ve been working on, with the dot pattern inspired by my girly cat rock…20190421_032938 (2)

I’ve got several more in the works, but the white one, above, was the only one that was ready for varnish in time for Easter viewing. I’ll show the others when I get them to the ready for varnish stage and I’ll post a tutorial on how I made them. We’ve been having a patch of really extreme weather, tropical storm force winds, thunder storms, tornado warnings, extreme rains and just super high winds that won’t stop. So, for a good chunk of April, so far, I’ve been spending a lot of time chasing down our garbage after the wind caught it and strewed it all down the street and chasing down our next door neighbor’s stuff that has been blown all over. He’s been away on a TDA, so we’ve been keeping an eye on his car and his yard stuff while he’s gone. On the very few rare days when the weather hasn’t been going totally nuts, I’ve been getting my great big pots ready for seed planting and hanging out with the resident carpenter bees. The bees like to check out everything I’m doing with the pots, they are very curious critters. I’ve left violas in three of the pots for the bees to snack on until the various flowers I’m planting are up and blooming. I’ve also been reading several books and doing prep-work for another literary foods post. Plus, I’ve been working on a stealth craft project that I’ll post about, plus a tutorial for how I made it, after I give it to the person I’m making it for. They look at my blog, so I’m trying to keep the exact nature of what I’m making for them a surprise, but I think they’ll like it when they see it.

A big THANK YOU!!! to all of you who follow my blog, I can hardly believe there are a little over a hundred of you now, it’s mind boggling! I try to make my blog posts interesting and as nice looking as I can.

So, there you go! An Easter greeting, a Spring greeting and a dotted Easter egg! I hope you all have a SUPER GREAT DAY!!!!! HAPPY CRAFTING!!!!!

A Bit of A Recipe Review #1

20190214_024341 (2)Lil’ Mo– “One for me and one for you… ”             B.B. Jo—“How are we going to get the honey out of the honey bear? We are very small and we don’t have thumbs.”

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!!! There is still time to make something nice for the ones you love and this biscuit recipe is quick and easy to fix!


Several weeks ago, Diane, of  https://indianeskitchen.com   featured these biscuits–Mennonite Buttermilk Biscuits–    https://indianeskitchen.com/2019/01/16/mennonite-buttermilk-biscuits/   on her blog and I thought I would give them a try.

The recipe calls for shortening, and for health reasons, I don’t use shortening, mainly because all the shortening brands carried at the stores in my area are totally hydrogenated. Very bad for your health! So, I researched online to see what I could substitute for the shortening and not have the the recipe affected too much. I settled on butter, which can be substituted for the same amount as the shortening called for in the recipe. When using butter in baked goods instead of shortening, you need to drop the called for temperature, in this recipe, of 450 degrees, down to 425 degrees, to avoid over-browning, butter browns up really fast. And extend the cooking time a little bit, I ended up baking them for 17 minutes, and watch your biscuits like a hawk so they don’t brown too much! I ended up putting a piece of tin foil over the biscuits through the last part of the cooking time to help keep them from burning. So, I had all my ingredients gathered, I followed along in the instructions, I mixed the dry ingredients first and then cut in the butter. So, good so far. Then I mixed in the buttermilk and lightly blended and then turned the dough out on to a well floured piece of freezer paper. The dough was kind of wet, maybe because of the butter…but I sprinkled flour on it and proceeded to knead it for the 30 seconds as per the instructions. Then, I flattened it out and because I didn’t have a biscuit cutter, I used a glass to cut out the biscuits, and I ended up with eleven to bake. I placed them in my preheated oven and crossed my fingers and started counting the minutes while I watched the biscuits cooking. Part way through, I placed the tin foil piece over them to help prevent over-browning. When the time was up and they were a nice brown, I pulled them out of the oven and spread butter on the tops and let it sit for a minute, per the instructions. Then the moment of truth, my husband, the official taste tester, split one of the biscuits open and slathered it with butter and drizzled it with honey and took a bite. His verdict…..”This is GREAT! Tell Diane this is a SUPER BISCUIT RECIPE!!!! I will definitely want these on a regular basis!”

So, there you go! My husband gives this biscuit recipe 5 stars! And so do I, it was very easy to fix and gave very good results and the instructions are very easy to understand! The bears give the biscuits 5 paws up!

20190214_024341 (3)

Here, in the above picture, is a close up view of the finished biscuits. So, follow the links I provided above and you too can try this great biscuit recipe! So, I hope my recipe review is helpful and maybe inspires someone to try these biscuits and check out Diane’s blog, she has all kinds of great recipes on there! I hope you have a GREAT DAY!!!!! HAPPY BAKING and HAPPY CRAFTING!!!! HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!!



Happy New Year!

20181231_213447 (2)We have had the official changing of the calendar at midnight, so we are now starting out on this new year with astronomy pictures for every month, very nice! This is new for us in as normally we used to use the Chick-fil-A Cow calendars since they first started putting them out. My husband liked the food from them and I liked the cows. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, Chick-fil-A is choosing to discontinue their perfectly nice calendars, we are not happy! So, we are starting the new year cow-less. Sometimes you choose change and sometimes change is forced upon you. I’ll miss the cows, but that’s okay, we’ll get by, we’ve moved on…20181231_213550 (2)We get to see pretty sky pictures now and interesting astronomy facts and alerts for when there will be meteor showers and other astronomical events, way cool!

So, Lil’ Mo, B.B. Jo and I want to wish all of you a very Happy New Year! Be safe and warm and happy crafting!

The Wrapping Frenzy Is Getting Ready To Begin!

20181224_184934 (2)So, gearing up for wrapping the various things for the relatives. Lil’ Mo and B.B. Jo are auditioning some of the small bows. And to the left you can see I tried out a paint dribble ornament with FolkArt Interference paints in blue and two shades of purple, turned out pretty nice. It will just take a while to dry the paint inside.20181224_185301 (2)Here are the kitties with their ribbons on. I think I’ll put a spot of glue under the bows to help keep them from unwrapping themselves and to help hold them in place. 20181225_013757 (2)One more look at these guys before they are off to the relatives! All color coordinated and ready to go!

So, this is it! Christmas day is just a few hours away! Lil’ Mo, B.B. Jo and I want to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas!!!! And for those of you who don’t celebrate Christmas, we hope you have a very nice day! So Happy Holidays and Happy Crafting!

Halloween is Finally Here!

20181029_151844 (2)The Zomkins, Spider Boy, Lil’ Mo, B.B. Jo and all the little spiders and I want to wish all of you a very Happy Halloween! We hope your day is super great!20181029_152820 (2)Candy Rustlers!  Lil’ Mo, “Old school candy, the good stuff! Now if we can just shoo away these spiders…”20181029_182541 (2)Lil’ Mo, “Jo, why’d you loose the hat?” B.B. Jo, “It was tight on my ears. I don’t remember inviting ‘toothy boy’ to the candy party!” Lil’ Mo, “Shush! He brought more candy! What a great haul!”   Happy Halloween Everybody!