The Glue Is Taking Forever To Dry! Some Works In Progress & UFOs!

20181230_023605 (2)Pictured are:  the last three pear snow person shapes I used in the how-to-do tutorial; Spider Girl, who needs another coat of the shiny black paint; what will be Spider Junior; and sweater shapes that were going to be Ugly Christmas Sweater Ornaments but the glue took forever to dry so they will now be Ugly Winter Sweater Ornaments. It has been raining and raining, so much so that I rarely have to water my garden. But all that humidity from all that rain is seriously slowing down the drying time for things I’ve been working on. The Ugly Sweater Ornaments were supposed to be a quick project to finish before Christmas, but the glue used to glue the shapes together took super long to dry, so they’ll be a project for January. They’ll look kind of like these, in the picture.18af30e080883678dbd394150d0d58a3

20181230_023539 (2)I started six more air dry clay pig ornaments and two kick fighter bear ornaments. I cut the shapes out this last Friday, so hopefully they will be dry by next weekend. One of the pigs will be an Oxford Sandy & Black pig for me and the other pig shapes will be painted like other breeds of pigs.

20181231_031833 (2)I’m a slow crocheter, so, slowly but surely the scarf I’ve been working on is getting longer. And Squirrel Boy has the beginnings of his eyes, nose and mouth!

20181231_031833 (3)

The white has to come up to more around the mouth area and he needs the shading for his nose and cheeks. He’s starting to look a little friendly. I’m using the picture below, “Squirrel Angel”, done by Vicki Sawyer, as the reference for the facial shading.0994ee8fb15f2069a32e78e59ade1c32Squirrel Boy won’t look exactly like the “Squirrel Angel”, I don’t want to copy, but I’ll try for similar facial-shading wise around the nose, mouth and eye area.

So, projects in the works for the new year! Coming along slowly but surely! I hope you all will be safe and warm for your official changing of the calendar and your New Year’s celebrations! Remember your pets and if you can’t refrain from shooting off fireworks, give your pets a safe and secure place to hide from all the noise! So, Happy New Year’s Eve! I hope yours’  is SUPER NICE! Happy Crafting!

Crocheted some during Hurricane Florence

Well, I survived the hurricane though I wouldn’t recommend riding out a slow moving (2 mph) level two storm to the faint of heart. It kept sounding like our siding was peeling off, or our roof was getting ready to fly off, or that our windows were about to be blown in. Or that any second one of the trees in our yard might crush our apartment or our car. And we had water pouring down out of our living room light fixture, fortunately I moved the zomkins before they got soaked and stuck an empty ice chest under the leak to catch the water. We were without power for a week and it was miserable hot and humid. So, it was too humid to papier-mache’, too humid to paint rocks, nothing would dry because of the humidity. So, I’ve been working on a crocheted scarf while it was daylight so I could see what I was doing.20180922_201305 (2)The variegated yarn is: 302 Kaleidoscope from Red Heart. It is a worsted-weight acrylic so the humidity didn’t affect it. The other yarn is: 0002 Black, Luster Sheen also from Red Heart and is a sport-weight acrylic and both yarns worked together (held together) as one yarn. I used a Boye size N/15-10.00 MM aluminum crochet and I’m working this in single crochet in the back-loop so the fabric made won’t be ultra stiff. It is twenty-three stitches across with one turning chain to start each new row. This was basically something to focus on so I wouldn’t totally freak out over all the alarming sounds our apartment was making during the storm and something to do while waiting for the electricity to come back on. At the very least I will have an interesting looking scarf when I finish it, that I can wear this winter and hopefully I’ll have enough yarn to make a matching hat.

And before the storm actually got here I gave Baby Boo some teeth, worked on the other zomkin’s eyes and started a spider.20180922_201430 (2)So, I haven’t been totally sitting on my hands before, during or after the storm. When the apartment dries out a little more from the humidity I will get seriously back to work on the zomkins, the spider and the squirrel. I hope everyone who chose to ride out the storm is okay and that their houses are okay or fixable. And to the ones who evacuated I hope you get home soon and that your belongings are okay and/or fixable. And I hope everyone gets their power back on soon. Crafting in one form or another is very good for steadying your nerves while going through rough times, I can’t recommend it enough, it is very soothing and takes your mind off what you are going through. So I hope you all are doing well and have a great rest of your weekend. Happy crafting!