A Short Ladybug Update!

20190414_203856 (2)Don’t be afraid! Ladybug Boy and Ladybug Girl are in their kind of creepy-look phase. I’ve opened up their eye sockets and have started work on their arms and hands. You can see the sort of skeletal form of their arms towards the front of the photo. Plus, I had to redo Ladybug Boy’s tummy. I had prime coated both of them the other day and was using a paint brush and apparently put the paint on him a little too thick and as it dried, it cracked, great big ugly cracks across his tum. So, I redid his tum and when it’s dry, dry, dry, I’ll matte medium, gesso and prime coat him again, this time using a sponge brush. Always something. The egg to the left of the ladybug figures, has been primed and it didn’t crack, fortunately. So, it is now ready for the base coat color and then the embellishing.

20190414_191948 (2)I’ve finally settled on a design for my cross stitch ladybug picture. I made it similar to the other ladybugs I did cause I like that look, with the kind of big eyes and little smile. I was purposely trying for cute looking. I need to color in the picture and the chart, then take the cloth back out of the hoop and lace the edges and make some running stitch guide lines, then it will be ready for stitching.

So, there you go! A little bit of a ladybug update. They are all coming along well. If the weather would cooperate and refrain from raining and being windy, I could take the wood ladybugs and the rock ones out and varnish them. So far the weather doesn’t want to play nice. At least the pine trees have finished shooting out all their pollen and the yellow has all washed away. So, I hope you all have a GREAT DAY!!!! HAPPY LADYBUG CREATING!!! HAPPY CREATIVE PROBLEM SOLVING!!!!! HAPPY CRAFTING!!!!!

Buttons & Ladybugs, We are DONE!!!!!

20190324_170159 (2)All the pear snowmen have their buttons now and they are DONE!!!!! YEAH!!!! I’ll let them dry for several days, then I’ll wrap them carefully in tissue paper and put them away for Christmas.20190324_170234 (2)This paper-mache’ winter sweater is ready for it’s wire clothes hanger and then the varnish!20190324_170252 (2)The wood ladybugs are ready for varnish, and when it’s dry, I’ll glue on their magnets. I’ll be using the template that I used for the two with the big eyes when I do the feltie ladybug, so it will look similar to them.20190324_170311 (2)The rock M & M has it’s “M” and is ready for varnish. Sharky has his teeth now and looks properly menacing and he also is ready for varnish. The two rock zombies have their patches and stitches finished and they are ready to be varnished. Two Oxford Sandy & Black air dry clay pig ornaments (the brown ones with black spots) and a Gloucestershire Old Spot pig ornament (the white one with black spots) are ready to be varnished, YEAH!!!!20190324_170610 (3)These ladybug rocks are ready for varnish, YEAH!!!!20190324_170223 (2)Here they are again, lined up drying, so you can see their happy little smiles. The girly cat, behind them, is a permanent resident.

So, there you go! Some done objects, and a bunch of objects ready to be varnished, YEAH!!!! I will edit the Great Ladybug Challenge post to add how-to’s for the wood ladybug magnets and the ladybug rocks. And when I get the ladybug feltie and the cross stitch ladybug done I’ll add them to it also. So, I’m not the fastest crafter in the world, but slowly but surely, I do get things done. I hope you all have a GREAT rest of the weekend! And I hope your week to come is SUPER AWESOME!!!!! HAPPY CREATIVE PROBLEM SOLVING!!!! HAPPY LADYBUG MAKING!!!! HAPPY CRAFTING!!!!!

Happy Spring!!!!


Ladybug crawling

yellow flower petals

gentle Spring wind


A sort of not completely strict to the rules Spring haiku by me. Or, in other words, me torturing poetry!


Paraphrased from, “Seeds from a Birch Tree”, by Clark Strand: “A haiku is a seventeen-syllable poem about the season. Arranged in three lines of five, seven, and five syllables, and balanced on a pause, a haiku presents one event from life happening now. However much we may say about haiku, its history or its various schools, it is difficult to go beyond these three simple rules: form, season, and present mind.”

As you can see from my little poem  and my sort of spread out structure, I’m not super great at forming these up on a computer. But it works well enough, I wasn’t trying for perfection, just some space between the poem and my sentence about it. At least it was easier than hunting for the words I wanted to use in my various magnetic poetry kits. It always seems like the words I want to use are not among the words on the tiles included in the kits. So, writing on paper or printing on the computer is less aggravating, and more conducive to getting the thought down before it disappears from my brain. You know, a strike while the iron is hot kind of thing. So, every once in a while I’ll be torturing some more poetry. Creative exercise for the right and the left brain!

20190320_095310 (2)

“Seeds from a Birch Tree”, by Clark Strand, is available on amazon.com. It is a very nice little book about writing haiku poetry as a Zen meditative exercise, as in, writing these little poems is supposed to be relaxing and centering of the mind. There are lots of poems to peruse, to help you get a feel for the how-to’s of this poetry form. I enjoy this book very much and highly recommend it to anyone who likes haiku and maybe wants to try their hand at writing it.

So, according to my calendar, today is the Spring Equinox, so… Happy Spring!!!! I hope you all have a SUPER GREAT DAY!!!! Go outside and look at the Spring flowers! HAPPY CREATIVE PROBLEM SOLVING!!!! HAPPY LADYBUG CREATING!!!! HAPPY CRAFTING!!!!!