A Tutorial for the Paper-Mache’ Winter Sweaters…

20190226_130503 (3)This is the first one that I’m declaring finished. The sequins are shiny so the camera had trouble with the sparkly-ness.20190226_130407 (2)I’ve repaired the hole in the bottom edge of the white one where the handling stick was placed. The green one needs some more work, the hole on the bottom edge has to be repaired. I haven’t decided yet what else I might do to the green one, but it is very close to being done, plus I have to make a little wire clothes hanger for it with that red wire in the above picture. So, for these I used:

  • Elmer’s Foam Board  which is what I cut the shapes from, two pieces for each sweater. It comes in 20 x 30 x 3/16 inch pieces, in various colors and can usually be found in the office supply section of stores like Walmart, Target, Staples, etc. It is also available from Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, A.C.Moore, etc., and is usually near the poster board and the art paper section. I used white for this project.
  • Aleene’s Original Clear Gel Tacky Glue  which I used to glue the shapes together and also for attaching the sequins, beads, the gift images, and for attaching the wire clothes hanger.
  • Elmer’s Glue-All Multi-Purpose Glue Extra Strong Formula   which I used  thinned a little with water for the glue part of the paper mache’-ing.
  • Package insert tissue and phone book paper  torn into small pieces for the paper part of the paper-mache’-ing
  • Crayola Kids disposable paint brushes for adding the glue for the paper-mache’-ing and for smoothing the glue out with.
  • Liquitex Matte Medium Fluid Medium  which I used to seal the paper-mache’ after it was dry to protect it from the wetness of the gesso and paint I used on the sweaters to get them ready to be embellished.
  • Liquitex Acrylic Gesso  in white, to help smooth the surface of the sweaters and get them ready to be painted.
  • FolkArt Outdoor Acrylic Paint in : 6240E Cotton   which I used for the white sweater, for the prime coat and the base coat and the final coat.
  • Apple Barrel Matte Acrylic Paint in : 21479E New Shamrock  which I used for the prime coat, the base coat and the final coat on the green sweater.
  • Fashion Trim Snowflake Sequins in shades of blue and iridescent white, which I found at Michael’s.
  • Rocaille Seed Beads, size 11, in silver, from Create-A-Craft, which I found at Walmart, which I used to add a bit of shiny to the middle of the snowflake sequins I put on the white sweater.
  • To and from gift stickers from which I fussy cut those two wrapped gift images I glued on the green sweater. I found these stickers at Walmart.
  • Various colors of vinyl coated automotive wiring  which I found at Dollar Tree,  from which I made the wire clothes hanger bits I used for the hangers for the sweater ornaments
  • Odds and ends: Scissors, toothpicks, bamboo skewers, small round nose pliers with side wire cutter, X-acto craft knife extra sharp and extra blades, cardboard for the templates, a self-healing cutting mat, a large bread board, a # 2 pencil, a small magnifying glass, masking tape, sponge brushes, a straight pin or a really thin,  small nail, an airtight container to hold the water thinned glue, tweezers to help with placing the beads on the sequins.
  • Krylon Colormaster Clear Satin Crystal Clear  Indoor/Outdoor Spray   as a Varnish/Sealer  several coats 20190224_193022 (2).jpg

Instruction how-to’s:

  1. Referring to my picture above, for the white and for the green sweater, I used the cardboard sweater template with the sleeves more close to the body. I sketched out the general sweater shape on the cardboard and then cut it out with scissors. From side to side across the bottom of the sweater is 2 3/4 inches wide. From the collar to the bottom hem of the sweater is 3 1/2 inches. From the collar to the end of the sleeve is 3 1/2 inches. At the widest point measured across from one sleeve edge across the body section and to the far edge of the other sleeve is 4 inches.
  2. I put my self-healing cutting mat on my kitchen floor with a large bread board under it for added protection for the floor. I then placed the template on the foam board, on top of the cutting mat. I then traced around the template, two sweater shapes for each sweater.
  3. With the first template I traced and cut out enough shapes for five sweaters, which adds up to ten shapes. And, as you can see in the above picture, I traced out and cut some shapes with the wider spread arm sweater template, I ended up cutting six of those shapes, enough for three sweaters. Now, a word about cutting foam board, I have a love/hate relationship with foam board, also called foam-core board. The love part: Foam board comes in a lot of colors, it is very light weight and is very inexpensive. For small-ish projects you can use it in place of wood, like in making small picture frames, doll houses, it lends itself very well to making fake gingerbread houses, etc. But, and this is a very important but, this is the hate part: foam board can be difficult to cut.20190224_200042 (2)That is a piece of the foam board in the bottom, of the above picture. See the edges, they are very rough and ragged. Even with a brand new cutting blade, it can be difficult to get a clean cut edge, and scissors just crush the foam board. With much experimentation, I have found that if you do a very light score cut, just barely cutting the surface of the board and then go back over that to make your final cut, you’ll get a much cleaner cut edge. It won’t be perfect looking, but it won’t be crushed and ragged to the max like scissors would do. You can tidy and clean the edges up with a good sharp craft knife.
  4. Referring to the above picture, in the top left corner area, I glued the sweater pieces together, two for each sweater shape, using the Aleene’s Clear Gel Tacky Glue and before the glue dried, I stuck a bamboo skewer between the two pieces to aid in handling the sweater shapes while I did various things to them. Then I set the shapes aside to let the glue dry.
  5. Moving down in an counter clock wise direction, in the picture above. I placed bits of masking tape in an even layer all over the sweater shapes to prepare the surface for the paper-mache’-ing process.
  6. Still going counter clock wise, in the above picture, moving to the next sweater shape. I’ve been gluing the tissue paper and the phone book paper all over the sweater shape. I used the tissue for the sleeves and the phone book pages for the body section. Then I set it aside to dry. I then, using sponge brushes, painted matte medium all over the dry sweater shape to seal the glue and protect it from the wet-ness of the gesso and paint, two coats  Then, once the matte medium is dry, I painted gesso all over the sweater shape to help cover surface imperfections and to smooth the surface more for the paint. (Not in the picture, but the sweater shapes look like the white sweater without it’s sequins, after they have been matte medium-ed and gesso-ed. They’ll look very white.) 20190224_193137 (2)
  7. Now, referring to the above picture, the green sweater shape. Using sponge brushes, it has been prime coated, base coated and final coated with Apple Barrel Matte Acrylic Paint in : 21479E New Shamrock. The white sweater shape has been prime coated, base coated and final coated with FolkArt Outdoor Acrylic Paint in : 6240E Cotton. I have removed the bamboo skewer handling sticks from these two because they can dry flat from now on. I’ve repaired the hole left by the skewer on the white sweater by gluing a bit of tissue paper over the hole and then when that was dry, I painted over it with the same paint I used for the over all color. I cut a bit of the green vinyl coated wire and started shaping it like the hanger part of a clothes hanger. I used a straight pin to make holes in the top of the white sweater shape and after slathering glue on the wire ends, I slide them in the holes to make the hook look like the top part of a clothes hanger.20190226_130503 (3)It turned out looking the way I was trying for. 20190226_130407 (3)
  8. Then I used the Clear Gel Tacky Glue to glue the snowflake sequins on the white sweater and then glued a silver rocaille bead in the center of each snowflake.20190226_130407 (4)
  9. Then, for the green sweater, I fussy cut the package images from the Christmas to and from sticky labels I had and glued them on with the Clear Gel Tacky Glue. I haven’t decided yet if I want to maybe use puffy paint to put maybe dots along the edge of the collar. I’ll make a sketch of it and decide on how it looks.
  10. When the sweater shapes are done with the embellishing process and dry, dry, dry, I’ll take them outside on a nice dry, not windy day and spray them with the Krylon Colormaster Clear Satin Crystal Clear Indoor/Outdoor spray Varnish/Sealer. At least three coats. Front, back and edges to seal them and protect the paint from nicks and scratches and moisture. And hopefully, the varnish will help keep my embellishments from falling off.

So, there you go! These sweaters are actually quite easy to do and you can decorate them in many, many ways. It just takes some explaining to …well… explain how I made them. I was inspired by looking at the feltie versions of Ugly Christmas Sweaters on Pinterest.com to try my hand at designing my version of what I’m calling “Paper-Mache’ Winter Sweater Ornaments”. I was trying for cute not ugly. If, you want to be kind of amazed and dazzled, go on Pinterest.com  and type in Ugly Christmas Sweaters in the search bar. You will see all kinds of sweaters that people have really put some major effort into, to try to make them look… I don’t want to say ugly cause a lot of them aren’t ugly, but are… I’ll say… really interesting and unique looking sweater creations. And there are hoards of cute feltie Christmas Sweater Ornament pictures and how-to’s on Pinterest to look at and be inspired by. You don’t have to use the exact products I used to make these, you could make the sweater shapes from several pieces of watercolor paper glued together or several pieces of cardboard glued together. I used the foam board because I had some on hand and it is very light weight and relatively easy to use. Mainly, I use products that are easy for me to find, or I already have and number one: inexpensive. The big thing about making these is they take a lot of drying time, if you rush the process and they aren’t completely dry, they can start to fall apart in some really spectacular ways, bits can literally shoot off across the room. So, allow for lots of drying time. Work on other projects while you are doing these that use the same general products, and that way something will always be ready to have something done to it.  And about the two sweater shapes that are glued together but I haven’t paper-mache’-ed them yet, they are going to morph into Hawaiian Shirt Ornaments. I’m going to trim the sleeves to give them short sleeves, then paper mache’ them and decorate them to look like Hawaiian Shirt Ornaments. I’ve seen those on Pinterest.com and really like them, too. I hope you all have a SUPER GREAT DAY!!!!! And a GREAT REST OF THIS WEEK!!!! HAPPY CREATIVE PROBLEM SOLVING and HAPPY CRAFTING!!!!!

Not as much progress as I would have liked…but some.

20190219_021559 (2)From the ninth, through the sixteenth, of this month, my husband was on vacation, you would think that was a good thing and in one way it was. Unfortunately, he came down with a bad cold on the ninth and was sick for almost all the time he had off. Booooo! We only got out and about for one day, I had a dental appointment, then we got some more Puffs tissues, some vitamins and then went home. The one good thing was: at least he didn’t have to work while he was sick. He’s much better now, and now I have his cold. I have to go back to the dentist on March 7, to fix a cracked tooth. Hopefully, by then the cold will be gone and I won’t be coughing my brains out. Here’s hoping. At least the weather is getting warmer here. No more down in the twenty’s for the rest of this month predicted. Yeah!!!!

But, I did get a little bit done and am still plugging away on the ladybugs. As you can see towards the back of the picture, I got my ladybug guy’s shoes wrapped and some more paper mache’ done on his body. I’ve got him leaning his head against the catchall pot while his midsection dries. I’ve got some paint on the first wood ladybug’s wings and a prime coat on the body section. I’ve made a template for the feltie ladybug I’m going to make and used it to carve out another partial wood ladybug, the wings are cut out from several pieces of watercolor paper glued together, and I carved some back up eyes in case the first pair I carved break. And slowly but surely, I’ve been building up the red base color on the ladybug rocks I’m working on. The paint is very thin, so it takes a few layers to get good solid coverage. I’ve also made a new template for the winter sweater ornaments. The close armed one made the arms too tight space wise to work with easily, so I made the new one with the arms out more. I used it to cut out enough pieces from the foam core board to make three more of the sweater ornaments.

So, slowly but surely, things are getting done. I’ve been sucking on Cold-eeze drops and Ricola drops and gargling with salt water and drinking lots of tea to help ease the cold symptoms. The cold’s not as bad as it could be, but I could have done without it.  So, I hope all of you have a VERY NICE DAY! Stay warm, stay dry, and  try to stay healthy as well as you can. HAPPY LADYBUG CREATING!!!! HAPPY CREATIVE PROBLEM SOLVING!!!!! HAPPY CRAFTING!!!!!

Works-in-progress are coming along…and two of the ladybug figures…And Spring?!

20190208_182946 (2)Another paper-mache’ winter sweater is ready to embellish! The last three pear-snowmen are finally painted, dry and off their handling sticks. Next for them will be their hats, which will help to determine where their facial features will be and help to line up for their arms and the buttons down their fronts. The wooden ladybug parts are all carved out and ready for some sanding, the paint and then to be glued together. I haven’t decided yet if it will have legs, but it will have some antennas. And my little paper-mache’ ladybug person has been wrapped with the floral tape and the first bits of paper and glue have been applied to help keep the tape from unwrapping itself.  His/her “eyes” have the first coat of paint on them and I’ve got some “arms” ready, I think to maybe be wrapped with some of the floral tape. The big challenge will be seeing if I can get his/her hand shapes and little shoes wrapped with the floral tape to help make their surfaces smoother. I might have to split the tape to make it narrower for the wrapping around the hand/fingers and shoe shapes.

So, that’s what is going on so far with these projects so far. I’ve been taking pictures of the various stages of progress for these critters and things so I can use them for the how-to-do’s.

And would you believe it got up to 82 degrees in my yard today?! We had a warming front go through, and then tomorrow night it will be back down in the 30 degree range. The weather here is flip-flopping temperature-wise just like it’s Spring. My rosemary has some more flowers on it. Dandelions are blooming out in the lawn and a flock of robins has been hanging out in the yard looking for earthworms. And the resident mole has started tunneling up and down the yard, along the side of the apartment…Go Mole Boy! eat all those grubs and slugs!  I’m starting to think it’s not just my rosemary that is confused about what time of the year it is…it still is February, but you’d never know that looking out at what the plants and the critters in the yard are doing! So, stay warm or cool depending on what your weather is doing! HAPPY LADYBUG CREATING and HAPPY CRAFTING!!!!

A Paper Mache’ Ladybug in the Works! And Spider Junior is ready for his dots!

20190204_085805 (2)

I’ve got this ladybug ready to be wrapped in the floral tape! I haven’t worked out completely how I’m going to do his arms, but I’m thinking of using galvanized wire and then making the “hands”, from Celluclay or Paperclay. I’ve got the first coat of white paint on his “eyes”. So, he is coming along nicely. And slowly but surely, I’m rounding off the head shape for the wooden ladybug. I don’t want to rush it cause the wood could crack and break. So, little slivers at a time, till it is the roundness that I’m going for. And Spider Junior’s three coats of shiny black paint are finally dry enough for his dot patterning to commence. I’ve got to get his “eyes” painted, they’re gessoed, they just need a few coats of the white paint and they’ll be ready to be painted to look like eyeballs.

So, some ladybugs are in the works and Spider Junior is coming along nicely! I’ve been hanging out on Pinterest.com., looking at how other people have made their various ladybug creations. Working on ideas for how I want to do my cross stitch ladybug picture and my feltie ladybug.  Pondering different options. So, that’s what’s going on so far in the way of ladybugs and spiders. I hope all of you have a VERY NICE DAY! STAY WARM & DRY! HAPPY LADYBUG MAKING!!!! HAPPY CRAFTING!!!!!

The Great Ladybug Challenge/Exhibition!

20190130_045104 (2)

I’m flying by the seat of my pants here! When I saw the cute ladybugs on Our Little Red House’s blog,    https://ourlittleredhouseblog.wordpress.com/2019/01/26/dollar-day-do-overupcycled-coat   I thought they would be nice inspiration for a ladybug challenge/exhibition/creativity exercise. So I’m going to try to set this up sort of like the Sunshine Blogger Award nomination post. When I was nominated for that the first time, I had no idea what it was! So, I started following the links back through the various people’s nomination posts to get a feel for what was expected and along the way I saw some really nice blogs! So I’m going to make this challenge as wide open as I can to appeal to the most people. So, I’ll start with some rules…

  1. Thank the person/s who tagged you and create a link to their blog.
  2. Use “THE GREAT LADYBUG CHALLENGE!!!” logo banner on your post and copy and paste the rules on your post.
  3. Add a picture of your ladybug creation/s and maybe a how-to of how you did it and the supplies used.
  4. Create a link to Our Little Red House’s blog, so people can be inspired by her beautiful ladybugs! And check out her blog, she makes really neat projects!
  5. Tag 1 – 5 people that you think would be interested in making ladybugs and create links to their blogs.
  6. Notify your tagged people that you’ve tagged them through social media or in the comments on their blogs.
  7. This is a wide open ladybug making exercise! You can make them however way you want, it’s not limited to sewing them. Use whatever is your favorite crafting materials to make them. And you can even write poems or stories about ladybugs or paint pictures of them.  Or make cards featuring ladybugs. Or you could even make ladybug cupcakes or cookies! Use whatever creative medium you are comfortable with!
  8. There is no time limit! Ladybug making should be relaxing, not stressful!
  9. Even if you weren’t tagged, feel free to participate in making ladybugs! Tag others and create links to their blogs so people can follow the links to see the ladybugs!

So, I’ll show a few pictures of ladybug creations I have and have made and tell about ones I’m going to make, to help inspire you a little bit.20190130_045244 (2)That ladybug painted rock in the middle of the above picture is one I painted. I prime coated it with FolkArt 901E Wicker White. Then I base coated it with FolkArt 437E Lipstick Red. The head and dots and the pupils of the eyes were made with FolkArt 938E Licorice. The whites of the eyes and the antennas were made with the Wicker White. And the little smiley mouth color was done with a toothpick dipped in a mix of the white and the red.20190130_045333 (2)See the cute ladybug above, with the goggly eyes and chenille stem legs and wire antennas? That is a ladybug magnet that I bought from a little girl who was selling them at one of our local crafts show and sales. I’m showing it because, one it’s really cute and two, it shows you can get really nice results from simple crafting supplies. The body is just a teardrop shaped piece of wood that is probably available from Hobby Lobby or Michael’s or amazon.com. The legs are made from one short black chenille stem cut into four pieces and glued on. The antennas are two pieces of craft wire that have been shaped and glued on the bottom of the wood shape. She painted it to look like a ladybug and varnished it. Then she glued on the eyes. And lastly, she glued the magnet on the bottom so that it covered the ends of the legs and antennas to help keep them from falling off. I think she used some type of Super Glue to hold everything on cause the magnet is still in really good shape, even though it has been ten years since I bought it. And that round piece of wood with the squared off top, I’m going to use my carving knife to round that square bit off some and then paint the whole piece to look like a ladybug, that top bit will be it’s head. I might make it into a magnet. You can never have too many cute magnets!20190130_045913 (2)I’m also going to make a feltie version of a ladybug with some of that red felt. And last but not least. I’m going to undo that thread I have on my cross stitch cloth and use some 14 count graph paper and design a simple ladybug cross stitch picture. Maybe have the ladybug sitting on a leaf, or something like that.

So, there you go! For my tagged bloggers:

  1.    Sophie Marshall               https://smarshc.com
  2.    Starrcreative                     https://starrcreative.ca



Remember to include the links! They are SUPER important, you can follow back through them and see what other people have created ladybug wise who might participate in this challenge. I set this challenge up this way so that no one person will end up with their media library crammed full of ladybug pictures and then they can’t post pictures anymore on their blogs cause they ran out of storage space. When I get my lady bug projects done, I’ll add them to this post.  So, thank you for reading my ladybug challenge blog post! If you want to participate, jump right in! I can’t wait to see your cute ladybug creations! So, HAPPY LADYBUG CREATING and HAPPY CRAFTING!!!!



More things are ready and almost ready to be embellished!

20190129_070854 (2)

Spider Girl has her eyes in place and they just need the color around the pupil. Then she is ready for her dot patterning. Spider Junior has his first coat of shiny black paint on. And the first paper-mache winter sweater is ready to be embellished, maybe with Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Or something like that. 20190129_071024 (2)The two green rocks are ready to be zombie-a-fied. The shark rock has his eyes in place, I just have to work out the placement of the nostrils and gills, then I’ll work on his mouth. The M&M rock has the first coat of the chocolate center color in place, I’m thinking I’ll make the blue outer shell a little darker blue in color. The hippo shaped rock has the first coat of the pinky-purpley skin color in place. The air dry clay Teddy Bear that was left from the first batch of ornaments, has his muzzle color now and I used that color also on his tummy area. I had set him aside till now because I wanted to make sure I had enough of the colors I had mixed for the pigs, Squirrel Boy and him. If I had to mix a fresh batch of paint, it might not match what was on there originally from the first batch I had mixed. And then, Squirrel Boy! I need to tidy him up around the eyes, real squirrels have a light colored ring of fur around their eyes, so I’m trying to do that on Squirrel Boy’s eye area. He needs just a little bit more touching up and I’m going to declare him done. His eyeballs need a lot of varnish to make them shine, real eyes are not dull or matte looking.  And he needs those little shiny light dots you see in living creature’s eyes where the light is hitting them. I set him across the room and look at him from a distance and I think he looks squirrel-like. Maybe not exactly like a real squirrel, but squirrel-like, which is what I was trying for with him. And the two light colored clay pigs and the spirit bear rock have the base coat on their back sides now.

So, things are coming along pretty well! When everybody is done, I’ll take them all outside on a nice day and use the spray-on varnish on them. Several coats on the rocks, top and bottom. And after the first coat of spray varnish on Squirrel Boy, I’ll probably use a couple of coats of the paint-on varnish on his eyes. Make them shiny! So, there you go! Things are starting to get back to what passes for normal after the award nominations! I hope you all have a very nice day! HAPPY CRAFTING!!!!!

Dollar day do over…upcycled coat.

This is a SUPER GREAT IDEA!!!! These little critters are SUPER CUTE!!!!

Our Little Red House


Been some slim pickings lately with my dollar day shopping trips. Either that, or I have some sort of brain block when it comes to being creative in the up-cyling department. They can’t all be gems of course, everyone has their off days now and then. I try to make my dollar day remakes sort of like a game. Mostly dollar day items are clothes but occasional I run across something for the home.


On this occasion it was an old coat/blazer that I found for a dollar. I thought I could use it for some of my little critters I like to make. With Valentines Day just around the corner, all things pink and red are in season for the month of love.


Once home and in my favorite little creative space (my craft closet), I got out my pencil and paper and started drawing out some easy and…

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Most of the Air-Dry Clay Pigs, Kickfighting Bears and the Spirit Bear Rock are ready to embellish!

20190126_075906 (2)

I wouldn’t be surprised if this has been the most wet winter so far that we’ve ever had! These guys took about a week and a half to finally be totally dry. So, in the picture, you are seeing the backs of the darker brown ones and the fronts of the light tan ones. One of the dark brown pig ones will be another Oxford Sandy & Black pig for me…proxy.duckduckgo.com.jpg-baby pig#5Similar to this little guy who is ready to chow down on those tasty looking strawberries!proxy.duckduckgo.com.jpg-tamworth pig#9One will look like this little guy who is snacking on some tasty blades of grass. This little guy or girl is a Tamworth, they are sort of a solid colored light-cinnamon brownish pig.proxy.duckduckgo.com.jpg-gloucester old spot piglets#1One of the light colored pig ones will look like one of these sleepy little guys. These are Gloucestershire Old Spot piglets. And those are the for sure ones so far. Somebody has pulled a lot of the really cute different breed piglet pictures off of Duckduckgo.com images. So, some of the other pig pictures I’ll show when I get the other ones further along, will be of the adult versions of some other pig breeds I’m looking at for models for the rest of the pig ornaments.iu93dbt1o2iucgz0pbl6iuprke62d7iusb3xis85

These last four pictures are of Spirit Bears, which I’m using as inspiration for the spirit bear, which I’m painting for my dad. He, and through him, I,  have a little bit of Native American ancestry. We don’t know for sure what kind we are a little bit related to, my dad was adopted and Grandmother hid the adoption records, and then she died, so that is that. So, any way, my dad really likes Native American imagery, so when I saw the bearish shaped rock in my bag of rocks, the ideas started percolating big time. I’ve been saving spirit bear images to my pictures for ideas for how to decorate the rock. When I settle on a design and get it done I’ll post a picture of what I came up with.

And the Kick-Fighting Bear shapes are ready to embellish. The paint is still usable that I mixed up, so all systems are go for doing them!

So, that is what’s going on so far with all of these air-dry clay ornaments and the bearish shaped rock! I hope you all have a very nice day! HAPPY CRAFTING!!!!!

Works in Progress! Coming along nicely!

20190119_052046 (2)The last three pear snowmen have been gessoed and are ready to be base coated. Spider Junior has his first coat of gesso on and Spider Girl just needs one more coat of the shiny black paint and then she’ll be ready for her dots. One of the paper-mache winter sweaters has been primed and base coated and another one has just been gessoed.

20190119_052648 (2)Three of the air dry clay pigs have been sanded and prime coated. Spring is coming, with hopefully, dryer weather, so some painted rocks are in the works. The two green ones will be rock zombies. The flat pink ones will be girly bugs, similar to lady bugs but pink with black spots. The more up-right pink rock will be a small pig. The sort of standing up grey and white rock will be a shark. The blue roundish rock is going to be another attempt at an M & M. This time I’ll varnish it with the spray on varnish. When I tried doing this same rock before as a red M & M, the paint-on varnish pooled in all the crevasses of the broken edge that was supposed to look like the chocolate center and it ended up looking like the M had molded, bleak! So, I scraped all the paint and varnish off and started over again. And the two rocks in the front, the bigger one will probably be a hippo and the smaller one will be a spirit bear.

20190119_052203 (2)I have also started doing a feltie  version of the winter sweater ornaments. The camera didn’t pick up that that white felt has iridescent glitter all over it. I have the hoop down side up because it makes it easier for sewing on the snowflake sequins. All the stitching is on the back and having it pointed up higher just makes it easier for tacking down the rocaille bead centers and doing running stitches from sequin to sequin.

20190119_052600 (2)And last but not least, are these two pom pom ragamuffins. The larger one is not going to be a zombie, but will actually be an owl, the two different size round pieces of cardboard are for auditioning sizes of eye shapes. His beak is a piece of foam-core board and he will have foam-core board feet. He is sitting on a small wooden truck wheel and he has a dowel holding him together. I’m going to use a long yarn darning needle to thread some more yarn onto,  into, through, him to tighten his shape up some and add some more color to him to make him more mottled looking color wise like a real owl. The smaller guy, in need of a hair cut, is going to be a bunny and he has a bamboo skewer holding him together. I’m working out the proportions for his tail and feet and arms, which will all be made from smaller pom poms. He’ll have felt ears and I’m still deciding what to use for his eyes.

So, there you go! Progress is being made. The pear snowmen are closer to being finished. The spiders are coming along nicely.  The paper-mache winter sweater ornaments and one feltie version winter sweater ornament, so far, are in the works. The air dry pig ornaments are coming along nicely, finally. Rocks are being painted and prepared for hiding. And two pom pom critters are in the process of being made. I’m going to do a tutorial for the paper- mache winter sweater ornaments when I get the first one finished, so I can show the stages for doing them easier. And probably a tutorial for the feltie version of the winter sweaters too, they are a good small project to practice hand-sewing and beading skills. I’ll also tell how I did the pom pom critters, my version of them. And probably a refresher how-to for painting and varnishing the rocks and getting them ready for hiding. Projects in the works! I hope you all have a very nice day!  Be sure and try to see the Super Blood Wolf Moon Total Lunar eclipse. Starting Sunday the 20th…

  • Sunday night  The moon enters the lighter part of the Earth’s shadow, the penumbral, at 9:36 pm.
  • 10:33 pm Partial Eclipse begins
  • 11:41 pm Total Eclipse begins
  • 12:12 am Monday morning, the 21st, Maximum Eclipse is reached.
  • 12:43 am Total Eclipse ends
  • 1:50 am Partial Eclipse ends
  • 2:15 am The Moon moves clear of the Earth’s shadow.
  • Totality will last 63 minutes
  • This  Total Lunar Eclipse will be viewable in North & South America.
  • May 16, 2022 will be the next date this event will happen again.
  • This type of eclipse is safe to watch because you are seeing the Earth’s shadow moving across the surface of the Moon.

So, hopefully, the weather will cooperate and there will be good viewing conditions. I’m going to bundle up and go out and watch the Moon turn red! So, GOOD MOON WATCHING TO YOU!!!! And, HAPPY CRAFTING!!!!

A Thank You!

20190106_203257 (3)Here is a quick-ish thank you to my followers and the people who read my blog! I never thought I would be nominated for any kind of an award. I just blog about things I’m making and what my garden is doing and bits of reviews about products I’ve used. I’m not the most prolific blogger, some of my projects take a while to do and I try to take pictures along the way of the making of them to help with how-to-do tutorials and also to help me in the working out process of the various things I’m working on. I try to make my posts look nice and try to make sure I spell words correctly, though I still haven’t completely pinned down how to spell paper mache’ in a manner in which my browser won’t mark in red. My dictionary says papier-mache and the browser doesn’t like that either. Computers! To my followers, thank you for following me! I think your blogs are really neat and interesting! And to the ones who followed me and I haven’t followed back, it isn’t because I don’t want to follow you, it’s because I haven’t figured out where the follow button is on your blogs. I keep looking at your blogs and trying to figure out where that follow button is, it is annoying me greatly that I can’t figure it out! And to the people who drop by to look at my blog, thank you for dropping by! I try to make my posts interesting and colorful, I hope you enjoy them!

So, from Lil’ Mo, B.B. Jo, my other bears and I, THANK YOU!!! You all are REALLY GREAT!!! I enjoy looking at all your blogs greatly and always look forward to your new blog posts! I’m learning new things everyday from all of you, it’s REALLY GREAT!!!! So, I hope the new year brings all kinds of good things in your direction! Stay safe and warm! HAPPY CRAFTING!!!!