A little bit about the Bears…

Lil’ Mo and B.B. Jo are the most photogenic ( as in small and easy to pose with smallish craft items and projects) of my bears so I’ll tell you a little bit about them.

Lil’ Mo came from a kit from Crafter’s Choice Book Club. “You too can make a vintage look Teddy Bear!”, so I bought the kit.  It took me a couple of weeks in March 1983, to cut him out and sew him up and assemble all his parts. All by hand, no machines involved.  His arms and legs are held on with button joints and are moveable. The finishing touches that brought out his personality were sewing on his eyes and embroidering his nose and mouth and adding his ribbon, which covers the seam that holds his head on.  I don’t have a pet to take cute pictures of, so Lil’ Mo lends a paw for holiday greetings and various crafty projects, mostly by supervising and giving advice. His favorite TV show is “Shaun the Sheep”.  He is always ready for a good cup of hot white tea and oatmeal-carob-chip cookies.

20180802_151801 (2)


B.B. Jo was rescued from the gift shop at Sea-Tac Airport in Seattle, WA, in the fall of 1983. He is a Russ Bear and still has his original red ribbon. Though a little shy, he is slowly coming out of his shell, so to speak. He is always ready to lend a paw when ever called upon to help. He also helps with holiday greetings. He also likes watching, “Shaun the Sheep”. He is fond of hot catnip tea and carob-chip scones.20180513_174827 (2)

Though new to blogging the bears are checking things out and seeing what’s what and will appear here on this blog regularly.

The rest of my bears say Hi! and may also appear here on the blog from time to time.20181216_125015 (3)In the front row starting from the left there is Mildred, Lil’ Mo, B.B. Jo, Paddington, and Smokey. In the back row starting from the left there is Bialosky and T.R. Bear.

So, the bears and I wish you a very nice day!


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