Not as much progress as I would have liked…but some.

20190219_021559 (2)From the ninth, through the sixteenth, of this month, my husband was on vacation, you would think that was a good thing and in one way it was. Unfortunately, he came down with a bad cold on the ninth and was sick for almost all the time he had off. Booooo! We only got out and about for one day, I had a dental appointment, then we got some more Puffs tissues, some vitamins and then went home. The one good thing was: at least he didn’t have to work while he was sick. He’s much better now, and now I have his cold. I have to go back to the dentist on March 7, to fix a cracked tooth. Hopefully, by then the cold will be gone and I won’t be coughing my brains out. Here’s hoping. At least the weather is getting warmer here. No more down in the twenty’s for the rest of this month predicted. Yeah!!!!

But, I did get a little bit done and am still plugging away on the ladybugs. As you can see towards the back of the picture, I got my ladybug guy’s shoes wrapped and some more paper mache’ done on his body. I’ve got him leaning his head against the catchall pot while his midsection dries. I’ve got some paint on the first wood ladybug’s wings and a prime coat on the body section. I’ve made a template for the feltie ladybug I’m going to make and used it to carve out another partial wood ladybug, the wings are cut out from several pieces of watercolor paper glued together, and I carved some back up eyes in case the first pair I carved break. And slowly but surely, I’ve been building up the red base color on the ladybug rocks I’m working on. The paint is very thin, so it takes a few layers to get good solid coverage. I’ve also made a new template for the winter sweater ornaments. The close armed one made the arms too tight space wise to work with easily, so I made the new one with the arms out more. I used it to cut out enough pieces from the foam core board to make three more of the sweater ornaments.

So, slowly but surely, things are getting done. I’ve been sucking on Cold-eeze drops and Ricola drops and gargling with salt water and drinking lots of tea to help ease the cold symptoms. The cold’s not as bad as it could be, but I could have done without it.  So, I hope all of you have a VERY NICE DAY! Stay warm, stay dry, and  try to stay healthy as well as you can. HAPPY LADYBUG CREATING!!!! HAPPY CREATIVE PROBLEM SOLVING!!!!! HAPPY CRAFTING!!!!!

5 thoughts on “Not as much progress as I would have liked…but some.

  1. can’t wait to see these. Every time you post something it is like a little surprise waiting to be exposed. Hope you start feeling 100% again, colds are no fun. When my family is sick I always make this simple salsa recipe for them and their sinus problems.
    1 can of whole peeled tomatoes
    dice tomatoes and pour juice and diced tomatoes into large bowl.
    1 bundle of green onions.
    cut up onions and add to bowl
    1 small can of tomato sauce
    pour into bowl.
    1 bundle of cilantro
    cut off stems and chop up cilantro to add to bowl.
    Stir and eat with corn tortilla chips.
    you can add 1 yellow pepper and 1 jalapeno if you like things hot. Just make sure to remove the seeds after you have boiled the peppers for awhile to soften and cook. If you want it extra hot keep the seeds in.
    I skip the peppers and my family eats this up like cold soup. Even if they aren’t sick, I still make a jar of this at least once a week during the cold and flu season. It is full of good natural vitamins. It won’t last long because there are no preservatives in it. You will know if it has gone sour after too many days, it smells like tomato wine. Then we pass it onto the chickens. That is rare though since we usually eat it up fast. Hope this helps.

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    1. Sounds like a great salsa mix! And not complicated! I’ll have my husband pick up the ingredients before he leaves work. It’s very convenient that he works at Walmart, I call him up and he shops and brings stuff home, plus we have an associates discount, always a good thing. I really appreciate your sharing the recipe! Thank you for your very, very nice comment! Have a GREAT rest of your day! I’ll let you know how the salsa turns out!


    2. My husband says to tell you that the salsa recipe looks really good! I’ve written it down and stuck it on our fridge. He’s working on taxes now and amid much cussing and swearing over the many changes, he says he’ll wait to try the salsa after he gets the taxes all finished. So far he bought the green onions, he’ll get the rest of the ingredients after the tax stress calms down. Have a SUPER DAY!!!!!


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