A Paper Mache’ Ladybug in the Works! And Spider Junior is ready for his dots!

20190204_085805 (2)

I’ve got this ladybug ready to be wrapped in the floral tape! I haven’t worked out completely how I’m going to do his arms, but I’m thinking of using galvanized wire and then making the “hands”, from Celluclay or Paperclay. I’ve got the first coat of white paint on his “eyes”. So, he is coming along nicely. And slowly but surely, I’m rounding off the head shape for the wooden ladybug. I don’t want to rush it cause the wood could crack and break. So, little slivers at a time, till it is the roundness that I’m going for. And Spider Junior’s three coats of shiny black paint are finally dry enough for his dot patterning to commence. I’ve got to get his “eyes” painted, they’re gessoed, they just need a few coats of the white paint and they’ll be ready to be painted to look like eyeballs.

So, some ladybugs are in the works and Spider Junior is coming along nicely! I’ve been hanging out on Pinterest.com., looking at how other people have made their various ladybug creations. Working on ideas for how I want to do my cross stitch ladybug picture and my feltie ladybug.  Pondering different options. So, that’s what’s going on so far in the way of ladybugs and spiders. I hope all of you have a VERY NICE DAY! STAY WARM & DRY! HAPPY LADYBUG MAKING!!!! HAPPY CRAFTING!!!!!

7 thoughts on “A Paper Mache’ Ladybug in the Works! And Spider Junior is ready for his dots!

      1. My ladybug guy or gal is slowly coming along. He’s been wrapped with the floral tape and I’ve started paper mache’ing him/her. The big challenge is to see if I can successfully wrap the little shoes with the tape to make the surface smoother. I’ve got the eyes done with the first coat of paint and I’m using the wire shapes like I used for the Pear Snowmen’s arms, for his/ her arms. So, slowly but surely, he/she is coming together.

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      2. Thank you for your very, very nice comment! Your recipes are super inspiring, I tried your brownie recipe and was going to show a picture, but my husband wolfed them all down and even the crumbs. I guess that means he really liked them! Have a GREAT WEDNESDAY!!!!

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