27 thoughts on “Pom-pom Crafts

    1. I actually re-blogged this article, but I do know how to make most of these pom-pom critters. Only the bear and the little dog creature are a a little fussy in the making because parts of them are crocheted. Pom-poms are very easy to make and lend themselves to all kinds of creative possibilities. Plus they are a good way to use up yarn odds and ends. I thought the pictures in the original post were very easy to follow which would make figuring out the how-to-do part pretty easy. And I thought brushing the pom-poms to make them softer was a very good idea! I’ll probably be making some pom-pom critters for near future projects, they make nice gifts and are pretty quick to make. Thank you for your nice comment!

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      1. Thank you for your very nice comment! I’m thinking maybe you didn’t get the message I tried to get to you. So, congratulations on your nomination for the Sunshine Blogger Award! Your posts always look so nice and half the time make me want to chew on my computer screen. So I nominated you for the award, I hope it’s not an imposition for you. I tried to make the questions pretty easy and diverse. Check out my award post for the rules for the nominees. It’s a pretty easy award to deal with so far. I hope the rest of your weekend is very nice!

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    1. I predict there will be an Easter project featuring pom-pom bunnies in the near future! The sheep are the easy ones, the bears are a little more fiddly, but I think my bears need a new friend! When I saw the post, I was like yup… got to stick that on my blog to save it and so other people can see it! I’ve been saving pom-pom making how-to’s onto to my favorites. There are some new ways to do them that are different from how I learned to make them in girl scouts. Always learning something new! Thank you for your very nice comment!


    1. I’m trying to work out an idea of how one of the bunnies would look if it was sitting up and maybe holding like a heart for Valentine’s Day or an Easter egg for Easter. I think it would look cute, just working out how to make him stay upright. How much leg and tail area would help him sit nice. Thank you for your nice comment and thank you for following me, I think your blog is really neat!


    1. I didn’t make these pom pom projects, but I know how to make them all now. I re-blogged this post from Fashion-Creative thinking’s blog, there are always really neat things on there. I thought other people would like looking at the pom pom blog post.


    1. Pom pom crafts are fun and relatively quick to do, though I would recommend a really sharp pair of scissors and a good sharpener for them. Dull scissors don’t work well for cutting through all the strands of yarn, you end up with blisters on your fingers. Thank you for your nice comment! HAVE A SUPER GREAT WEEKEND!!!!!

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