The Wrapping Frenzy Is Getting Ready To Begin!

20181224_184934 (2)So, gearing up for wrapping the various things for the relatives. Lil’ Mo and B.B. Jo are auditioning some of the small bows. And to the left you can see I tried out a paint dribble ornament with FolkArt Interference paints in blue and two shades of purple, turned out pretty nice. It will just take a while to dry the paint inside.20181224_185301 (2)Here are the kitties with their ribbons on. I think I’ll put a spot of glue under the bows to help keep them from unwrapping themselves and to help hold them in place. 20181225_013757 (2)One more look at these guys before they are off to the relatives! All color coordinated and ready to go!

So, this is it! Christmas day is just a few hours away! Lil’ Mo, B.B. Jo and I want to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas!!!! And for those of you who don’t celebrate Christmas, we hope you have a very nice day! So Happy Holidays and Happy Crafting!

6 thoughts on “The Wrapping Frenzy Is Getting Ready To Begin!

    1. Thank you for your very nice comment! I hope your Christmas was very nice! The relatives seemed pretty happy with their gifts I made for them. My sister-in-law likes cats and the color pink, so she got the cat ornaments and a pink hat pear snow person. My brother-in-law got the running piggies and the blue and white stripe hat pear snow person. And the nephew got the kick fighter guys. I gave my mom a lavender hat pear snow person, she seemed pretty happy with it. Now I’ll finish up the pear snow guys I used for showing the steps for making them in the tutorial. I hope this coming day is super nice for you and that your weekend is even better! Have a nice New Year celebration!

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