Air-dry clay ornaments in the works…

20181209_193423 (2)I’m trying out this new to me: Model Air, Air Dry Modeling Clay, made by Polyform, the same people who make Sculpey polymer clay. When it is dry it can be sanded, drilled(very carefully) and painted. Now according to the website, , these ornaments I’m working on should have dried in about 24 hours. Well, in real life, in the real world, it has taken a little over a week, I started these last Saturday and they are now finally dry and ready to sand(the edges) and then paint. And as you can sort of see from the picture, they curved/cupped a little bit as they were drying, not a lot but they aren’t completely flat like they started out as. I kept flipping them over back and forth so they would dry evenly, and they still cupped. Just a minor thing. I used card board templates to trace and cut the shapes out from the clay, which I had first rolled out flat and even. I then cut the shapes with a sharp craft knife. I’m going to use Folkart acrylic paints and dimensional paints on them. There is a teddy bear, two stars, two cats, two running pigs, a round ball shape, and two ninja kick fighters. I got that other package you see perched there on the cookie pan and will make some more ornaments. These shapes were all made from a 2.2 lb (1 kg) package of white clay. When I finish painting them I will post another picture so you can see how they turned out.

So, there you go! These ornaments were not hard to make so far, just a little fiddley and took some extra drying time. Hopefully, they will turn out well, I made two of some of them so I can give the best looking versions as Christmas gifts. So, Christmas is coming fast! Have a great day and happy crafting!

11 thoughts on “Air-dry clay ornaments in the works…

    1. Thank you for your very, very nice comment! Now as long as the people I’m giving the ones as gifts to don’t drop them everything will be fine. I have an idea these might break like glass if dropped on a hard surface, say like the floor. Hopefully, their tree skirts under their Christmas trees are padded some to give some protection to ornaments that sometimes fall off or are knocked off maybe by pets or small children. One can only hope.


  1. I tried making my own air dry clay and found that in the final hours of the drying process they all cracked and broke. Have you experienced the same problems? How do I eliminate the cracking with homemade recipes?

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    1. I’ve had the same problem with the salt dough and various homemade types of clay, they always crack. For these clay ornaments that I just am finishing up, I used Polyform Model Air, Air Dry Modeling Clay. So far it hasn’t cracked. You might try mixing some white glue, say like Elmer’s into your homemade clay dough, it might help stop the cracking or maybe at least strengthen the clay so it doesn’t break as easily when dry.


      1. Finally found your blog, all your items are looking really nice! Is the air dry clay pictured the same clay you mentioned in the comment? I hope you have good luck with the clay and good luck with your blog!


      2. Thank you. The clay in the picture was the Crayola Model Magic clay. The homemade variety left me with exactly two piece per batch that didn’t break.

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