Violas and Rosemary for the winter garden!

20181111_164139 (2)So, here is the little rosemary shaped up kind of like a Christmas tree. There was going to be possible frost last night so I covered this guy with a white plastic garbage bag to give it some protection. When I looked out this morning there was a little frost on the roofs of the apartments across from us, but it wasn’t bad enough to damage my remaining pepper plant or the lemon grass.20181111_164252 (2)Here are some of the new violas, in shades of yellow and orange. The pepper and the lemon grass looking not too bad off still. In the back ground you can see my neighbor decorated her front door like a Christmas package, it looks very nice!20181111_164216 (2)The rest of the violas in shades of blue and purple. The sticks that you probably have noticed I’ve got sticking up all over the place in the pots, are to deter the neighborhood cats from using my pots as a litter-box.20181111_164429 (2)And here is the arbor standing back up again, just a little shorter than it used to be. My dad has a special saw that can cut through metal. He cut off the remaining leg of the arbor that hadn’t been snapped off  by the winds during Hurricane Florence. Then he cut off the bottom cross bars and now the bits that stick out at the bottom are the new legs for the arbor, YEAH!!!!! I used my rubber headed mallet to tap the arbor down into place and now it is all ready from some plant to crawl up on in the spring. Now, our local mockingbird thinks the arbor is a good perch to survey the yard from, the resident wren really likes it too. As you can see in the background, we still have piles of tree waste left over from Hurricane Florence and that is just a small pile, I’ve seen some that are several stories tall as we’ve been out and about. It’s going to be a while before all the organic waste is processed just because there is so much of it. The hurricane really tore this area up big time.

So, there is the winter garden so far. I haven’t made a hard choice yet of what will be in the two smaller pots, just that it will be something that can handle being frozen and keep growing. So, HAPPY WINTER GARDENING!!!! Have a great day!

A Thanksgiving card I assembled for my Mom

20181110_131631 (2)My cards tend to end up as assemblage projects. I put this together last night cause my mom was going to bring my Thanksgiving  card today and some violas and a rosemary shaped like a Christmas tree. Yeah Mom!!! I had to pull it together fast to have it ready when she came to visit. I know it’s way not as polished as some of the cards I see on card makers blogs I follow, but it’s the thought that counts. And she really seemed to like it. The card base is a folded piece of bristol board. The peachy background is a piece of scrapbook paper. The wreath came from a card we got as a gimme promotion from a local charity. The two flowers were bought on clearance after last Thanksgiving at Hobby Lobby, the ribbon came from there too. And I made those little leaves in the corner there with water colors on watercolor paper, and then I embellished them a little with my Sakura Clear Stardust pen. The camera didn’t pick it up, but I outlined all the bits and pieces on the wreath with the Stardust pen to sparkle it up some. So, this is a partially recycled, partially store bought, partially homemade card. There are three more of the leaves inside under where I printed out “Happy Thanksgiving!”.   And I was going to show a picture of all my nice violas and the rosemary that I spent the afternoon planting, but by the time I got them all planted, watered, fed, mulched and slug-baited, it was too dark for a picture. So I’ll show that tomorrow along with my arbor piece which my dad worked on and is now usable again, Yeah Dad!!! So, Happy Crafting! I hope you all have a great weekend!

A very nice rock I found

I found this very nice painted rock as I was out and about on Halloween. I don’t do Facebook and I recently killed my Twitter account, cause it was getting too mean on there. So, I can’t get up with my local kindness rock group anymore, (that’s why I say I’m a rogue rock painter now, I’m my own rock painting group of…well me). So, you never know, maybe one of the ‘Onslow Rocks’ people might see this and repost it to Facebook or Twitter so the person who did this rock will see that it was found. I’ll also post it on my Mastodon site, SWOnslowRocks. I will rehide it when I’m out and about again.  Happy Kindness Rock painting, hiding and hunting! Happy Crafting!

‘Tis the Season

This is really neat!

ekgorman designs

EK Gorman, Elizabeth Craft Designs aI am sneaking in today to share something a little different for me.  I wanted to play around with Krista Schneider’s new Snowflake stamp set.  However, I didn’t just want to stamp out these gorgeous snowflakes, but wanted to play around and try something a little different.  So today, I played around with some Nuvo Mousse to see if I could create some fun magical winter snow.

EK Gorman, Elizabeth Craft Designs dStep One:  Trim some ECD Watercolor paper to 4x 4.5.  Then pull out a collection of winter colors.  I used Lilac Lavender, Powder Blue, Cornflower Blue, and Old Navy.

EK Gorman, Elizabeth Craft Designs eStep Two:  Layer the lightest color onto the watercolor paper.  Then blend in the rest of the colors using the darkest to the lightest.  Let Dry.

EK Gorman, Elizabeth Craft Designs fStep Three:  Add one of the large snowflakes to an acrylic block, and then using a watercolor brush, paint the lightest color onto the stamp.

EK Gorman, Elizabeth Craft Designs gStep Four:  Stamp…

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Watercolored Christmas Tree

This is a very clever way to use watercolors in card making!

ekgorman designs

EK Gorman, Elizabeth Craft Designs aDid you see the new line of holiday stamps and dies released by Joset over at Elizabeth Craft Designs earlier this week?  There are all kinds of cute dies and stamps for the holiday season from whimsical to classical.

Today I am taking a little more classic holiday look with my project today using the new Elegant Christmas Tree die set.

Step One:  Trim a piece of Watercolor paper to 4.25×5.5 inches.

Step Two:  Using an embossing pad, emboss the tree die onto the watercolor paper.  This creates impressions of the die on the watercolor paper instead of die cutting out the swirls and dots.

Step Three:  Using a green watercolor paint, create an ombre effect over the watercolor paper, letting the darkest colors start at the bottom of the tree.  I used Daniel Smith’s Jadeite Genuine.

Step Four:  Using the tree boarder die, die cut half of the tree…

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How to Create a Galaxy Background in Watercolors Video Tutorial

I really like this idea for creating a cool background for cards! I think it might also work for my painted rocks with acrylic paints!

Rick D. Adkins (Independent Stampin' Up! Demonstrator )

Hello and welcome to my blog today, I am going to share with you how to create galaxy background for your cards using watercolors.  This is a fun way to create the background, and a lot more colorful than you think.  Most people just think of a galaxy as just black and whites, but there are so many more colors in them.  Here’s a look at the card I’ve created using this technique.  You can see that post here.  

Creating a Galaxy:

Creating a galaxy with watercolors isn’t really as hard as it looks.  It’s just a mater of layering up your watercolors and using the right colors.  Yes, I said colors, because there’s a lot of different colors in a galaxy.  For example I started out by applying Yellow, magenta, and a blue from the 36 Half Pan Pallet.  Next I repeated the process again, but with the…

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Make Gingerbread Ornaments with Clay and Memento Ink

This is a SUPER GREAT IDEA!!!!!

Imagine Blog

by Kyriakos Pachadiroglou

 See How to Make Gingerbread Ornaments with Polymer Clay and Memento Ink

This holiday season, the best recipe for gingerbread cookies can be found right here! It takes only a few ingredients/materials and no baking, with a long-lasting fresh cookie look! The first ingredient is clay! I used an air dry one to avoid any “baking” at all. A nice match of Walnut Ink Crystals with Memento Rich Cocoa ink pad gives a beautiful gingerbread color that will make people think these cookies are baked to perfection. Decorate the cookies with easy glazing and fine detail provided by the thin nozzle of irRESISTible Pico Embellisher colors. See if you can trick someone into tasting them! (Ok, maybe don’t go that far…)

Skill: Beginner
Time: 1 hour + clay drying time


Step 1

Use the rolling pin to flatten the clay in a thick layer. Cut shapes with the cookie cutters. Lay them on the parchment…

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A UFO that I’m getting back to!

20180629_110721 (2)I had started work on this guy at the beginning of June, but then our a/c died a slow death over the rest of the month. As it got warmer and warmer in my apartment I was feeling less and less like wrestling with carving small crab parts and set him aside till the weather got cooler or the a/c was fixed, though in this case it was both. So, as you can see in my reference picture,  this is a crab holding a sign. I saw him on the website of one of our local news channels and liked him. He was stuck up on one of the pilings on a pier in Oriental, NC., which is real famous around here for deep fried stone crab claws. I read up on stone crabs and found out some kind of gruesome things the fishermen do to them.

These guys in the pictures, are stone crabs, those big claws are what the local fishermen are after. So, instead of using the whole crab like most people do, the fishermen here break off one of those big claws and then throw the crab back in the ocean. They say the crab will regrow the claw after several molts, and they say the crab doesn’t feel a thing when the claw is broken off! I think that’s incredibly cruel to the crabs!  I think it is the fishermen who are the ones who don’t feel anything when they snap the crab’s claws off and toss them back in the water only half able to defend themselves.

So, when I do the saying on the sign, my crab will say something like, “EAT BEANS! THESE CLAWS ARE MINE!”, or, “Vegetable Salad, Explore The Concept!”, or something along those lines. As you can see from my picture up at the top of the page, I still have to fussy carve his legs and claw parts then I’ll assemble him and paint him. So, Crabby, is a part wood-carving, part assemblage project. And even though he’ll hang on the wall in my kitchen maybe someone will see my page here about this crab project and maybe think twice about eating these guys, like well, you can eat beans or a tossed salad instead of supporting an industry that is cruel to crabs. And don’t get me started about when the various cooks on TV toss live crabs and lobsters into pots of boiling water and the poor things(the crabs and lobsters) are writhing in agony! Okay,… I’ll get down off my soap box here. So, as I get further along with this crab guy I’ll post pictures of the progress. So, a UFO back in progress while the pear snowmen are drying in between layers of papier-mache’, gesso and paint. So, even though this isn’t a Christmas project, Christmas is coming soon!  And consider your non-human fellow creatures and think about maybe eating some vegetarian dishes, good for your health, even better for the animals! Have a good day and happy crafting!

A drying day

20181105_200831 (2)I’ve added two layers of varnish and a layer of papier-mache’ to the two bleeders,(hopefully this will stabilize them) and the two pears I made. I’ll probably add at least one more layer of the papier-mache’ before I gesso them again and start the painting process. Hopefully, they will be ready to be ‘snowmanafied’ soon. I’m thinking of using the ankle part of some baby crew socks I have to make the hats for these guys. And the pointy ends of some bamboo skewers, painted orange, for the carrot noses. Now, if the pears will just cooperate and stop doing strange things, I can get this snowman project properly going and out of the prep stage. I’m glad I didn’t wait till the week before Christmas to start this! Log this under crap happens!   Happy November!   Christmas is coming soon!   Happy crafting!

The Pears are being difficult!

20181104_010833 (3)I don’t know if you can really see it,  but see that second pear from the left up there on the bamboo stick? The color is bleeding through the gesso! The third one is doing it too but not as bad as the other one. Whoever made them didn’t seal them before they put them up for sale. So, I made two replacement pears from aluminum foil and wrapped them with floral tape to give them a smoother surface to work with. And Squirrel Boy isn’t into bondage, I just wrapped some of the floral tape around his arms and legs to help strengthen the joins. He might get some more tape on him cause it really does help to make the surface smooth. I’m thinking of trying the tape around the two color bleeding pears to sort of seal and resurface them to make them usable. So, this is what’s going on so far with the pear snowmen and Squirrel Boy is coming along. So, Happy Crafting!!! Have a GREAT DAY!!!!