Cherry Pie Quesadilla


In Dianes Kitchen


Do you like fresh Cherry Pie and either don’t know how to make a pie crust or you just don’t like to make a pie crust? Cherry Pie filling inside two flour tortillas topped with cinnamon and sugar fixes that problem! These tasted even better than I had hoped for. Learn how quick and easy these are to make with no pie crust to worry about.

I used our quesadilla maker but you could do the same thing in a frying pan, bake in the oven, use your George Foreman grill, a griddle….. well you get the idea. All you need to do is cook the tortilla and that doesn’t take long! Use any type of pie filling you want. Just follow my directions below to make them, but cook by your method.

I have to believe there are a lot fewer calories in these than regular cherry pie. The…

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