Ninjabread Men!

20181117_014432 (3)My husband loves martial arts movies and when we saw this kit at Walmart, I said let’s get that! Of course he didn’t say no, especially when I said he could eat all of them.  Not your average gingerbread men, for sure!20181117_014512 (3)They are simple to mix up and have no hydrogenated fats, YEAH! Plus they come with four way cool ninja-shape cookie cutters, which I’ll use to make some air-dry clay ninjabread men to give for gifts to my husband’s nephews and brother. A tree decoration that guys would like! I’ll post a picture when I get the edible ones made before my husband tears into them! Christmas is coming fast! HAPPY BAKING AND CRAFTING!

Some cute little ornamental Kale and the Rosemary & Violas are still looking good!

20181113_133714 (2)My mom brought me these cute little ornamental Kale plants, YEAH MOM! I’ve never grown ornamental kale before, just edible kale. So, hopefully these will do okay and can handle freezing weather.20181113_133753 (2)The rosemary and all the violas are still doing well, even after going through two nor’easters during the last few of days. The lemongrass and the dragon cayenne pepper are still hanging in there and the pepper is still making peppers. My guard toads keep a wary eye on the garden for me.  So, HAPPY FALL / WINTER GARDENING!