A Thanksgiving card I assembled for my Mom

20181110_131631 (2)My cards tend to end up as assemblage projects. I put this together last night cause my mom was going to bring my Thanksgiving  card today and some violas and a rosemary shaped like a Christmas tree. Yeah Mom!!! I had to pull it together fast to have it ready when she came to visit. I know it’s way not as polished as some of the cards I see on card makers blogs I follow, but it’s the thought that counts. And she really seemed to like it. The card base is a folded piece of bristol board. The peachy background is a piece of scrapbook paper. The wreath came from a card we got as a gimme promotion from a local charity. The two flowers were bought on clearance after last Thanksgiving at Hobby Lobby, the ribbon came from there too. And I made those little leaves in the corner there with water colors on watercolor paper, and then I embellished them a little with my Sakura Clear Stardust pen. The camera didn’t pick it up, but I outlined all the bits and pieces on the wreath with the Stardust pen to sparkle it up some. So, this is a partially recycled, partially store bought, partially homemade card. There are three more of the leaves inside under where I printed out “Happy Thanksgiving!”.   And I was going to show a picture of all my nice violas and the rosemary that I spent the afternoon planting, but by the time I got them all planted, watered, fed, mulched and slug-baited, it was too dark for a picture. So I’ll show that tomorrow along with my arbor piece which my dad worked on and is now usable again, Yeah Dad!!! So, Happy Crafting! I hope you all have a great weekend!

A very nice rock I found

I found this very nice painted rock as I was out and about on Halloween. I don’t do Facebook and I recently killed my Twitter account, cause it was getting too mean on there. So, I can’t get up with my local kindness rock group anymore, (that’s why I say I’m a rogue rock painter now, I’m my own rock painting group of…well me). So, you never know, maybe one of the ‘Onslow Rocks’ people might see this and repost it to Facebook or Twitter so the person who did this rock will see that it was found. I’ll also post it on my Mastodon site, SWOnslowRocks. I will rehide it when I’m out and about again.  Happy Kindness Rock painting, hiding and hunting! Happy Crafting!