A UFO that I’m getting back to!

20180629_110721 (2)I had started work on this guy at the beginning of June, but then our a/c died a slow death over the rest of the month. As it got warmer and warmer in my apartment I was feeling less and less like wrestling with carving small crab parts and set him aside till the weather got cooler or the a/c was fixed, though in this case it was both. So, as you can see in my reference picture,  this is a crab holding a sign. I saw him on the website of one of our local news channels and liked him. He was stuck up on one of the pilings on a pier in Oriental, NC., which is real famous around here for deep fried stone crab claws. I read up on stone crabs and found out some kind of gruesome things the fishermen do to them.

These guys in the pictures, are stone crabs, those big claws are what the local fishermen are after. So, instead of using the whole crab like most people do, the fishermen here break off one of those big claws and then throw the crab back in the ocean. They say the crab will regrow the claw after several molts, and they say the crab doesn’t feel a thing when the claw is broken off! I think that’s incredibly cruel to the crabs!  I think it is the fishermen who are the ones who don’t feel anything when they snap the crab’s claws off and toss them back in the water only half able to defend themselves.

So, when I do the saying on the sign, my crab will say something like, “EAT BEANS! THESE CLAWS ARE MINE!”, or, “Vegetable Salad, Explore The Concept!”, or something along those lines. As you can see from my picture up at the top of the page, I still have to fussy carve his legs and claw parts then I’ll assemble him and paint him. So, Crabby, is a part wood-carving, part assemblage project. And even though he’ll hang on the wall in my kitchen maybe someone will see my page here about this crab project and maybe think twice about eating these guys, like well, you can eat beans or a tossed salad instead of supporting an industry that is cruel to crabs. And don’t get me started about when the various cooks on TV toss live crabs and lobsters into pots of boiling water and the poor things(the crabs and lobsters) are writhing in agony! Okay,… I’ll get down off my soap box here. So, as I get further along with this crab guy I’ll post pictures of the progress. So, a UFO back in progress while the pear snowmen are drying in between layers of papier-mache’, gesso and paint. So, even though this isn’t a Christmas project, Christmas is coming soon!  And consider your non-human fellow creatures and think about maybe eating some vegetarian dishes, good for your health, even better for the animals! Have a good day and happy crafting!