A drying day

20181105_200831 (2)I’ve added two layers of varnish and a layer of papier-mache’ to the two bleeders,(hopefully this will stabilize them) and the two pears I made. I’ll probably add at least one more layer of the papier-mache’ before I gesso them again and start the painting process. Hopefully, they will be ready to be ‘snowmanafied’ soon. I’m thinking of using the ankle part of some baby crew socks I have to make the hats for these guys. And the pointy ends of some bamboo skewers, painted orange, for the carrot noses. Now, if the pears will just cooperate and stop doing strange things, I can get this snowman project properly going and out of the prep stage. I’m glad I didn’t wait till the week before Christmas to start this! Log this under crap happens!   Happy November!   Christmas is coming soon!   Happy crafting!

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