The squirrel so far….

My husband says it looks like I’m making a a skinned squirrel-like creature, maybe a chupasquirrela or a squirrelacabra. Or a mummified squirrel.  At least it looks squirrel-like though probably not cute.20181002_021831 (2)And a side view…20181002_021845 (2)Mug shots of a kind of compressed squirrel-like creature. Later this afternoon I’ll start applying the paper and glue. Personally, I think he/she looks like a cross between a squirrel and a flying fox bat, just no wings. It’s developing as it goes along. Halloween is coming fast! Happy crafting!

Zomkin update! Zac Zomkin has teeth!

20180929_104405 (2)Now, all the zomkins have teeth! And they and the spider are drying out, so soon they will be ready for paint! Yeah!20180929_104316 (2)Smiley has been given the first coat of matte medium to “seal” the papier-mache’, one more coat and he will be ready for gesso. I’m preparing some back-up “eyes”, in case the ones I’ve got done so far don’t fit. Those little rectangles in the picture are my testers, I’ve made five of them, I’m putting the same products on them as I’m going to use on the zomkins to make sure nothing conflicts or has weird reactions and needs to be done over. I’d rather screw up the testers than the zomkins or the spider. I’m working now on the zomkins’ lids, some of which needed to be trimmed to make them fit the top openings of the zomkins. For some of the lids and the spider and the small zomkin I’ve used gift insert tissue paper for the papier-mache’,  because it is thin and and goes over small, tight angled shapes really well. While I’m waiting for the zomkins and their lids to dry, I’m working on the papier-mache’ squirrel, so everything is coming along nicely. So that is what’s going on so far, progress is being made! So, Happy October! Halloween is coming on fast! Happy crafting!