The Zomkins & Spider Boy are finally done!

20181027_215847 (2)    So here is a preview of my Halloween display but not. I’m going to have more of the little spiders and spider webs and leaves and the  Zomkins’ candy. On a nice sunny day I’ll take the Zomkins and Spider Boy outside and varnish them, in the meantime, they are drying and hanging out with the little spiders. My husband works in the bakery section at Walmart and brings home the plastic spider cake and cupcake toppers that would have been thrown out when the cakes and cupcakes don’t sell. So I have a whole bunch of them from last year. 20181027_215916 (2)Zeke Zomkin. He looks excited about the prospect of candy in the near future.20181027_215934 (3)Zake Zomkin. Kind of goofy, but also excited about the candy.20181027_215906 (3)Smiley Zomkin. Contemplating how to get more of the candy for himself.20181027_215906 (2)   Baby Boo Zomkin. As long as the candy is chocolate and lots of it, he’ll be happy.20181027_215934 (2)Spider Boy. Wondering if he’s going to have to share his part of the candy with all the little spiders, he hopes not.

So here they are so far. I’ll finish decorating the area where they are sitting and Lil’ Mo and B.B. Jo will get in on the action too. I’ll take a nice picture for the Halloween greeting and post it. After Halloween I’ll do a tutorial about how I did the Zomkins and Spider Boy, and all the products I used to do them. Squirrel Boy, unfortunately,  isn’t done yet. I’ve been having to deal with insurance people looking at my living room ceiling, repair guys fixing the ceiling and then our maintenance guy installing a new light fixture. It’s kind of hard to get everything done with everybody and their brother tromping through my apartment. I’ll say Squirrel Boy is half done, he looks kind of like a mummy right now. I’ve plumped his cheeks out so he looks more squirrel-like in his face area. Hopefully he will be done by Thanksgiving or before. So, Halloween is almost here! Happy Crafting!