The Zomkins are almost done!

20181017_162316 (2)I’m down to the fine detail and embellishment stage with these guys. I’m working on improving  their coloring and tidying up their features. Then I’ll do the detail work on their eyes. So, I paused to snap their picture before I went any further. “Aaaaaaaargh! When we can see, we want candy or we’ll chew your toes off! Give us candy! Give us candy, woman, and we won’t bite you!”  Uhm, I think a trip to the store is in order! And soon!20181017_162450 (2)These are pie pumpkins. These two little guys are my color models, then they’ll be part of dinner if I can manage to process them for baking without cutting off a major limb or slicing an artery. Pie pumpkins have incredibly tough shells, my husband is going to attempt to help me cut them up. So, Halloween is coming fast! Happy crafting!

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