So, we survived the tropical storm version of Hurricane Michael

Pray for the people in Florida, they got the full fury of Hurricane Michael. It was one mile per hour short of being a level-five hurricane when it made landfall. It’s going to be a long time before they get back to any thing that resembles normal for them. My husband’s nephew and his family have a house just in from Panama Beach, Florida. They rode out the storm and were very lucky they weren’t killed, the winds ripped the siding off the house and the roof took extensive damage. They have no water or electricity and their house is now unlivable until it is repaired. We were very lucky, the storm had weakened down to a tropical storm by the time it got here. We were on the right side edge of the wind field and got the fifty mile per hour winds and some seventy to ninety or so mile per hour gusts. And about an inch and a half or so of rain, there abouts. The lights flickered a lot but we didn’t loose our electricity. Wednesday evening just before the storm got here, I was outside in the rain moving the plants up by the building to give them some protection from the wind. I laid the zinnia down on the ground so it wouldn’t get as beat up by the wind.20181013_145746 (2)So it made it through the storm without too much new damage, I set it back upright yesterday morning. The only plant that was blown over by the wind was the lemon grass, but it happened early enough that it didn’t get any new noticeable damage and my husband set it back upright for me when he got home from work Thursday night after the main part of the storm had moved by.20181013_145731 (2)I took our hose out yesterday morning and rinsed all the plants off real good to try to remove the salt spray and I drenched the soil in the pots to remove as much as I could of the salty rain water. The little resident lizards were running all over the place, they made it through the storm okay too.20181013_145741 (2)The malabar spinach stayed upright through the storm and my bluebird house is still firmly attached to the tree, YEAH!!! So, after I had cleaned up the tree limbs and bits and pieces of pine tree that littered the yard, I dragged it all out to the curb for the organic-waste removal people to take away.

It was a nice, cool and breezy day yesterday, so I took the Zomkins outside and sanded them down some to make them a little smoother for painting, as papier-mache’ can make a some what lumpy surface. Then today, I re-gessoed them. Spider boy has been base coated with black. Smiley has got his eyes in, I was trying them to see if they were going to fit and they stuck in place, seriously stuck in there, so I left them rather than risk breaking them trying to get them back out. I’ll use my little tiny nail art brushes that I use to paint my rocks to very carefully paint the ‘pupils’ in and the eye color and to do the area around the eyes.20181013_145813 (2) And I used the Celluclay to sculpt their lid ‘stems’ to make them look a little more real and less like a dowel sticking out of them.20181013_145851 (2)So, this is how things are going so far. I’ll prime-coat the Zomkins tomorrow. And like I said earlier, remember the people in Florida, it’s going to get worse there before it gets better. Without power, their houses, if they are still standing, are going to mold. All that, plus repairs, is going to have to be dealt with before their homes are livable again. From looking at the videos, it truly looks like a nuclear bomb had been dropped there. Buildings were reduced to what looked like piles of toothpicks. Pray for those poor people there and all the others that were in Hurricane Michael’s path. If you are so inclined, donate money to the American Redcross: ‘Hurricane Michael Disaster Relief Fund’. They are the real deal and will get money and supplies to the people who need it.