A Bit Of A Product Review #1

20181006_064212 (2)   I got this product, ‘Lemi Shine’,  before the hurricane because it said it would remove mold, soap scum and bad smells from the washing machine. After Hurricane Florence finally left, our washing machine sat for a week in high humidity and 90 to 95 degree heat because we didn’t have power, so it really started to smell bad inside it. As soon as we got power back, I let the hot water tank heat up and then I used this product as per the directions. It seemed to work really well, the machine smelled lemony fresh. Then I washed clothes and everything was fine, or so I thought. A week later I washed a load of my clothes and when they were finished I opened up the lid and about had a cow! My clothes looked like someone had dumped a bucket of mud all over them. The camera didn’t pick up the muddy stains on my pillowcase very well, but all my clothes look like I’ve been wallowing in the mud like a pig. And the stains won’t come out. The soap scum and sludge had finally come out of the machine and deposited all over my clothes. ‘Lemi Shine’ works really well but it is unpredictable when the sludge will come loose. I’m glad I hadn’t been washing a load of my husband’s clothes, he wouldn’t have looked too great at his job with his clothes looking like he’d been rolling around in the mud. So I can’t give this product a good recommendation. It is too unpredictable. I’ll probably use my pillowcase to make a zombie softy, as it looks like something that came up out of the ground now. Just about right for a zombie.

20181006_064313 (2)   On the other hand, this battery powered fan, made by ‘O2 COOL’, is one of the best products I’ve ever used! We got this before the hurricane and used it the whole time we didn’t have power, it probably kept us from getting heat stroke. It runs on eight “D” cell batteries or you can plug it in. The batteries run it for three and a half days before needing to be replaced, we used it constantly. One or more of these fans should be a part of everyone’s hurricane survival kit, plus the batteries to run it, in my opinion. I give this product my, “SUPER BEST”, recommendation!!!!!!! So, there you go! Whenever I try a new product or not so new product, I’ll post a review of how I liked it or didn’t like it. Hopefully, it will be helpful and maybe help keep someone else from having a bad experience with a product like I did.