I think I have him how I want him now!

20181002_160910 (2)Que up the music from “The Six Million Dollar Man”! “Gentlemen, we have the technology, we can improve him…”. Maybe not a bionic squirrel but more squirrel-like in looks. I’ve beefed up his back legs a little, I think he is looking more squirrel-like than he did before. I know I keep saying that, but I do really think he is looking a little bit better.20181002_160924 (2)As I add the paper bits, I’ll work on his face and nose to improve the shape some more, refine it some and plump up the cheek area.  And I might increase the size of his tail, he is a work in progress. The foil and the tape have been really useful for working on the shaping. I’ve been looking at squirrel reference pictures and it has helped a lot. Now he kind of looks like Frankensquirrel, I took off his old back-legs and gave him new, more beefed-up legs. Halloween is coming fast! Happy Crafting!

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