What’s left of my garden after the storm and some storm damage in my area.

Hurricane Florence is now well gone away, thank goodness. But the after affects are still being felt here and everywhere else it parked itself on. The wind blew all my pots over except the one with the spinach and the two small ones which I had moved to in front of the front door for some protection from the wind. 20180923_184024 (2)Of the two small pots, only the vinca is still doing well. The other one had a lettuce leaf basil which the winds kind of shredded to pieces and it died. 20180923_184007 (2)The habanero pepper had most of its leaves blown off, but it is growing all new leaves now. 20180923_183957 (2)The jalapeno pepper was looking somewhat okay until it died yesterday. 20180923_183921 (2)Of the two zinnia plants I had, this one, though pretty battered, is still hanging in there and is making new buds. The other zinnia got shredded by the wind and died yesterday.20180923_184034 (2)The dragon cayenne lost a lot of leaves but is still hanging on and is still making peppers. The havasu pepper got ripped to pieces by the winds and died.20180923_183908The malabar spinach stayed upright through the whole storm, it’s right in front of the front door and the building gave it some protection from the worst of the winds. And you can see back behind the spinach, my bluebird house also made it through the storm okay.20180923_184054 (2)My husband was like, “Oh no, the poor lemongrass!”.  I went out and looked at it and had to show him pictures of how it looked before the storm. It actually looks better now than it did before the bad weather.20180923_184121 (2)In this picture, above, is what used to be a very nice maple tree that I could see from my driveway. It lost three-fourths of it branches and since I took this picture, has been cut down. 20180923_184212 (2)This is a tree at the other end of my building.20180923_184304 (2)This is the tree that the bluebird house is attached to, that limb hanging down is huge and is on the back of the tree where hopefully, it can’t damage the bird house when it comes down or is cut down. So, we were very lucky, a lot of people lost everything they had when their houses flooded from all the rain or had their roofs ripped off by the winds. Our wind caused roof leak is very minor compared to what other people are going through. So, I’m getting the now empty pots ready for violas. I’m adding tea leaves and fruit and vegetable peels to add organic matter and fluffing up the dirt. Just waiting for Lowes and Home Depot to get some new plant shipments in. So, all things considered, my plants could have done without having a hurricane go through, just saying. But you know, stuff happens. So, happy planting!