Smiley’s got teeth! Zomkin update!

20180905_073525 (2)I need to touch them up just a little bit, go over them with tissue paper and glue to strengthen them a little more. The “teeth” are pieces of foam-core board that I taped in place with masking tape and then used tissue to papier-mache’ them into position. But he is now just about ready for the gesso and then a prime coat of white to get him ready for embellishing. His eyes, sitting in the fore-ground, are just about ready for the gesso also. So, Smiley is coming along pretty well, even though he is kind of icky looking right now. The paint I’m going to put on him will spiffy him up.

There is a controversy going on on Pinterest about copyright infringement and giving people credit for their pins, so I’ll show here where I got the inspiration for my zomkins.4fc940c8a97674db92bc8be7c9dc0085 (2)

This, above, is a “pinned” picture from Heather Sellers Art Glass. This is where I got the idea for Smiley’s eyes and teeth.3d363818fce7e1c2ca5a2d69d1f8de8e

This, above is a “pinned” picture from Musely, called Create A Zombie Pumpkin. This is where I got the idea for using ping-pong balls for the eyes of the zomkins.1470287630-wdy100114halloweenpumpkin-007And this guy, also a “pin”, is from 50+ Creative Pumpkin Carving Ideas for Halloween from This is the article that I got the idea for refurbishing my plastic and foam pumpkins from. I read the article and thought why not decorate artificial pumpkins like the real ones. So there you go, credits given where credits were due. So when I get more done on Smiley and the other zomkins, I’ll post more pictures and when they are all done I’ll do a bit of a tutorial on what all I did to them. So, stay tuned, so to speak, for further developments. Halloween is coming soon! Happy crafting!

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