The Birdhouse is coming along nicely

So here is what the bird house looked like several days ago after I had sanded it down and added a piece of steel hardware cloth inside: a quarter of an inch up from the bottom so the nest wouldn’t be sitting flat on the floor of the house. I also drilled four drainage holes in the bottom of the house to help keep it from getting water-logged when it rains. I also replaced the door guard that came with the house,(Its edges were razor sharp, I didn’t want the birds cutting themselves) with the one I salvaged from the old house. I base coated the whole thing  with Folkart Outdoor Paint in the 6240E Cotton color.IMG_20180715_205303_474

My New Bluebird House

Back at the beginning of July, during the first week, something happened to my old bluebird house. We had a thunderstorm come through and I’m thinking the wind caught the old birdhouse just right and ripped it off the tree. So I bought a new bluebird house and have been working on getting it ready to hang on the tree. Lil’ Mo and B.B. Jo have been lending a paw, mostly supervising, since they have no thumbs that would help them grasp things better. They try to be helpful.20180708_174348