Papier-mache’ Squirrel in the works

While the Celluclay is drying on the Zomkins, I’ve started working on a papier-mache’ squirrel and trying out a new (to me) way to build my shapes.20180827_174831 (2)While I was on Pinterest the other day looking at papier-mache’ “pins”,  I saw some people were using aluminum foil to build up their forms for the different projects they were making. I thought it was a great idea, foil is washable,  so instead of throwing it away after use, why not wash it and save it for craft projects! A great way to recycle and to keep reusable things out of the landfill!  So, with this guy, his body is two old styrofoam balls and I used foil to make his arms and legs…20180827_174851 (2)and for his tail. His “ears” are bits left over from carving the face on my white Zomkin. I’ve used straight pins to hold the arms, legs and tail in place while I work on the basic shape I’m going for. I’ve been auditioning “noses”…20180827_185039 (2)I think this one, above, is too big!20180827_192357 (2)I think this one, above,  is probably what I’m going to use.  The eyes and the nose are “holly berries”, from an old silk flower arrangement. I scribbled on “eyes” with a pencil so he/she wouldn’t look totally mindless while I work on him/her. So, this is what I’ve got so far. As I do more to this guy/gal, I’ll post pictures of this squirrel in progress! If you’ve never tried using aluminum foil in your papier-mache’ projects you might want to give it a go. It is light-weight, very easy to shape, and once formed and compacted holds its shape very well. I think it would work very well for making small pieces of papier-mache’ jewelry items! Anything that keeps from putting more reusable stuff into the landfill is a good thing to try out! Happy crafting!

4 thoughts on “Papier-mache’ Squirrel in the works

    1. My husband is like, “Please don’t make it a zombie squirrel!”. I’m trying for a cute squirrel that might be a trick or treater for Halloween and also be usable for other holidays, and just for looks cause I really like squirrels. Thank you for your very nice comment!


    1. My husband isn’t super into zombies, I think he’s feeling a little threatened by the Zomkins. The actual words out of his mouth, “You love those things more than me!”. Squirrel Boy is taking a while to finish cause I’m working on him around working on the ornaments that have to be finished for gift giving. It’s down to the wire now! He has his base color on now and I’ve mixed up a bottle of the color I’m going to use for his back fur and a another bottle for the fur on his tummy. I’ve got squirrel reference pictures I’ve been looking at and I’ve been looking at what I call Squirrel TV, videos of Chico Squirrel and videos made by Sublime Squirrel on for close up views of how a squirrel’s nose actually looks. So, I’m trying to make Squirrel Boy as some what squirrel-like as I can. Just a little compressed size wise through the body and his head is bigger in relation to his body than a real squirrel would have. Even if he looks cartoon-like, as long as he looks like a squirrel I’ll be happy with him. Thank you for your very nice comment! I hope you have a SUPER GREAT DAY!!!!!!!

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