Recycling old or frumpy decorative pumpkins into “Zomkins”!

Halloween is coming fast! I had these decorative pumpkins and wanted to update them.20180819_192918I started with this guy. He’s been sitting out in my storage shed for two years because when I cut into him to start working on him, the smell that came out just about knocked me over! He is a Walmart version of a “Funkin” pumpkin. So, it took two years for the smell to go away. 20180819_192936So, I carved out his mouth and eye openings with a craft knife.20180821_032520  As you can see, I’m using ping-pong balls for the eyes. I got the idea for this from a post on Pinterest. The orange guy was on clearance last year after Halloween and his stem had come off, so he was marked way down price-wise.20180822_153538 (2)I’ve used Celluclay around the big guy’s eyes and his top opening and on his lid. The two glitter covered pumpkins were also bought on clearance after last Halloween, very cheap. 20180825_193422 (2)I rubbed off as much of the glitter from the baby one as I could and cut out his mouth and eye openings. His “eyes” are actually holly berries from an old silk-flower arrangement. 20180825_201021 (2)So, I’ve opened the big guy’s mouth a little more and rounded his eye sockets a little more, trying to make him look a little happier. I’ve worked on the smaller orange guy’s lid and I’m layering gesso on a small ball that is just the right size for his smaller eye. So, these guys are about ready for the papier-mache’ treatment. So, as I do more to all these guys, I’ll post more pictures and tell about the various things I’ve done to them. They are all a work-in-progress.