The Zombies are ready for varnish… and brains!!!

So here they are, all ready to varnish! If anyone was interested in making rock zombies, you don’t have to make them green. You could make them pale blue, or grayish, or tan or really any color that you think looks like a good zombie color to you. There are no hard rules on doing them.20180808_050901 (2) I make mine green because…well, I like green. That’s just me. These guys are about the size of a large chicken egg.

This guy, below, is about the size of or a little bit bigger than a baseball. He was a bit of a technical challenge. When I got him, his surface was all pitted and cracked and he had major indentations all over him. I worked him over with wood filler until he was level surface-wise all over and let that dry overnight. Then I sanded him down till  he was as smooth as an egg. Then I painted three coats of Gesso on him and when that was dry, I sanded him again to prepare him for paint. I prime-coated him and then base-coated him, and then turned him into a zombie! He’s going to be a bookend on my bookshelf, he’s heavy enough to hold the books up without sliding to the side and letting all the books fall over.20180808_051132 (2)

And remember, there are no written in stone rules about doing rock zombies. You can make them cute or gruesome or anywhere in between. They lend themselves well to creative expression. So, thank you for reading my little piece here about rock zombies! If you make some for yourself, have a good time, they are fun to make! On a level of difficulty chart, say with 1 being simple, to 10 being hard, I’d place them around like 3. They’re not hard to do! Happy rock painting!