Here is a Rag-Tie Wreath I’ve been working on

So, I’ve been working on this for a while, when I wasn’t actually adding to it, I had it hanging on the wall in my kitchen.  These are very easy to make but they take a while to do. This one is done with cut up plastic table covers, cut into 1″ x 9″ pieces and then tied to an 18″ wire wreath form. You could also do this with cloth pieces or even fat macrame cord that was teased out and brushed smooth after being tied on the form. You can get the table covers for really cheap at places like: dollar stores, Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Party Express, etc.  I used the plastic table covers because they come in lots of colors and I wanted the option to be able to hang the wreath outside and it would be able to withstand being rained on, plus it makes the wreath very light-weight.20180803_161425 (2)

6 thoughts on “Here is a Rag-Tie Wreath I’ve been working on

    1. This kind of wreath is very easy to do, just takes a while because you have to use a light, gentle hand when doing the knots so the plastic (for this one) doesn’t rip. Thank you for your nice comment!


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