A kindness rock I have been working on

So I used Posca paint pens to do the lettering and on the windows in the buildings and also to add some color to the meteor.  I did the stars with the splatter-paint technique with Folkart 901E Wicker White and then highlighted them with a Sakura Stardust gel pen. The background is done in Folkart 964 Midnight, Folkart 404 Periwinkle,  and AppleBarrel 20849 Night Sky. All the paints are matte finish acrylics. I just need to tidy it up a little and put the identifier words on the bottom of the rock.  Then spray it with Krylon ColorMaster Clear Satin Crystal Clear to lock in the Posca paints and to seal the rock. The can says to use three coats if the item will be outside, so that is what I will do. Though, I may add an extra coat for more protection from all the rain we’ve been getting here in North Carolina. Then, when the rock is dry, dry, dry, I will hide it when I get out and about again.IMG_20180716_194421_343

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