A kindness rock I have been working on

So I used Posca paint pens to do the lettering and on the windows in the buildings and also to add some color to the meteor.  I did the stars with the splatter-paint technique with Folkart 901E Wicker White and then highlighted them with a Sakura Stardust gel pen. The background is done in Folkart 964 Midnight, Folkart 404 Periwinkle,  and AppleBarrel 20849 Night Sky. All the paints are matte finish acrylics. I just need to tidy it up a little and put the identifier words on the bottom of the rock.  Then spray it with Krylon ColorMaster Clear Satin Crystal Clear to lock in the Posca paints and to seal the rock. The can says to use three coats if the item will be outside, so that is what I will do. Though, I may add an extra coat for more protection from all the rain we’ve been getting here in North Carolina. Then, when the rock is dry, dry, dry, I will hide it when I get out and about again.IMG_20180716_194421_343

And here is how the birdhouse looks today

I painted the roof and the back hanger parts with Folkart Outdoor paint in the: 1628 Thicket color. I did the rest of the house in Folkart Outdoor paint in the: 1625 Fresh Foliage color. So now the paint has to “cure” for 48 hours, and then it will be ready to hang on the tree. Hopefully,  the birds will like it. I really wanted to decorate the house more, but all the articles I read on maintaining bluebird houses said that the more simple, more plain,  the house looks the better. I used sponge brushes on the roof because I wanted the base coat to show through some to give a bit of aged look to it. So it is what it is.20180802_151751 (2)

The Birdhouse is coming along nicely

So here is what the bird house looked like several days ago after I had sanded it down and added a piece of steel hardware cloth inside: a quarter of an inch up from the bottom so the nest wouldn’t be sitting flat on the floor of the house. I also drilled four drainage holes in the bottom of the house to help keep it from getting water-logged when it rains. I also replaced the door guard that came with the house,(Its edges were razor sharp, I didn’t want the birds cutting themselves) with the one I salvaged from the old house. I base coated the whole thing  with Folkart Outdoor Paint in the 6240E Cotton color.IMG_20180715_205303_474

My New Bluebird House

Back at the beginning of July, during the first week, something happened to my old bluebird house. We had a thunderstorm come through and I’m thinking the wind caught the old birdhouse just right and ripped it off the tree. So I bought a new bluebird house and have been working on getting it ready to hang on the tree. Lil’ Mo and B.B. Jo have been lending a paw, mostly supervising, since they have no thumbs that would help them grasp things better. They try to be helpful.20180708_174348